10 New Year Resolutions you must follow for a healthy skin

20 days of this New Year have already gone and it may be a bit late in the day for New Year resolutions, but nonetheless here we are asking you to make 10 promises to yourself to get a healthier, clear, radiant and beautiful skin. The things that you are asked to do are simple, completely natural and works on transforming the normal biochemical processes in the body so that positive effects are seen through completely natural pathways.

10 healthy resolutions
Keep it hydrated
As you all know a shower of warm water can remove all the oil from the skin and make it dry. Use a moisturizing body lotion on damp skin to tightly hold the moisture in the skin intact. Regular moisturization not only keeps your skin hydrated but it also makes it soft and supple. It will not be exaggerating to say that a good moisturizer is a must and a vital element for your skin especially in the cold and dry weather. You can pick an appropriate moisturizer which matches your skin type and it will do wonders for your skin keeping it hydrated, smooth and protected.

Exfoliate your skin
Adult skin takes at least 28 days to replenish according to the doctors. In this period the skin cells can easily lose out on the moisture and become luster less. Exfoliation is one of the primary steps in attempting a renewal of the skin. Use a gentle and natural facial scrub at least once or twice a week. The exfoliation helps in removing the dead skin cells from the skin resulting in a cleaner and a fresher looking face. You can also exfoliate the skin on your arms.

Don’t miss the sunscreen
Skin doctors and estheticians all recommend the daily and regular use of sunscreen. Through the day sunscreen should be reapplied as many times as possible. Try to use a non-greasy sun screen lotion to suit or complement your make up. The sunscreen that you use should be at least of SPF (sun protection factor) 30.

Maintain a night time routine
Just before hitting the bed, make a night time routine for your skin care which you should follow religiously. The best time for the skin to try to recover itself is at night so; do not miss out on a night time routine. Wash your face with a natural cleanser to completely remove all the traces of any make up you used through the day.

Remember when as a youngster you were told that make up can mix with the oils in your skin and dirt particles to cause pimples or acne. Doctors have suggested that cosmetics left overnight can also shut in free radicals present in the environment which can cause serious damage to the skin and lead to aging and wrinkles. Use a night cream or a good dose of moisturizer on your skin to keep it hydrated through the night. Apply an under eye cream to keep the skin soft and remove the dark circles.

Treat yourself to a spa visit
Pamper yourself. Yes, this year paying attention to yourself should be high on the priority list. Treat yourself to a facial which will revive and rejuvenate your skin. Keep all the skin treatments completely natural and organic. There are many natural and relaxing skin treatments such as microcurrent facial, bio-light facial and aroma touch massage available today which can help you in getting back your youthful skin.

Keep the smile intact
Brighten up your smile and lighten up your appearance this year by taking care of your lips. Keep your lips healthy, smooth and soft. Dry, cold and extreme weathers are the main culprits causing dry, cracked and chapped lips which sometimes bleed and are very painful also. Use lip balms and moisturizers made from natural herbs and ingredients to keep them healthy, hydrated and supple.
Various natural herbs and essential oils have been found to be extremely good for the health of your lips and some of these are Avocado oil, castor oil, palm oil, Shea butter, meadow seed oil, jojoba oil, Shea oil, avocado butter, rosemary oil and neem oil. Use lip balms or glosses with these herbs and essential oils to provide nutrition, hydration and health to your lips.

Look at your hands
Take care of your hands too, they are not tools. It is essential to maintain the health and hydration of the skin of your hands to keep them soft. Protect your hands by applying moisturizer regularly and also use antibacterial gels or hand sanitizers with moisturizing benefits. Hands are also exposed to the sun throughout the day and a SPF cream is essential to be applied regularly and repetitively on the hands. Before you go off to sleep, apply cream or lotion rich in alpha hydroxyl acid to heal chapped and dry hands.

Is your plate full of fruits and vegetables?
It may sound cliché but ‘you are what you eat!’ it is essential for the health of the skin and hair to maintain a healthy, balanced and nutritious diet rich in minerals and vitamins. Pile up your daily meals with lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. The antioxidants and other phytochemicals present in fruits and vegetables are not only important for your health but they also flush out the toxins as well as prevent the formation of free radicals which causes aging and other negative effects on the health of the skin.

Are you drinking enough?
The best thing you can have is a big glass of sparkling, clean water. It is important to keep your body and skin hydrated from the inside as well as from outside. Make an aim of drinking 8 glasses of water every day; keep sipping it through the day. Drinking large amounts of water has been related with creating radiant, healthy and younger–looking complexion.

De-stress your self
The most essential skin care regimen is to de-stress yourself. Stress is the major factor leading to aging of the skin and untimely skin problems such as acne or pigmentation. Learn and try out ways such as meditation, yoga, breathing techniques and relaxation techniques to throw out the stress from your life. Aroma massages using invigorating and relaxing essential oils are also one of the best ways to de-stress yourself. So, this year take out time for yourself to regain control over your mind and body.

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