10 New Year resolutions you should live by for a healthy, stress free life

If you have been following our blogs then you would recall that we emphasized the role of stress on our appearance and health! New Year is here and you would all be making resolutions to change your life. VIBHAlife brings to you 10 rules which you should incorporate in your daily routine as a New Year resolution to look healthy, be healthy and feel healthy!

10 new year resolutions

Meditate to relax
Cited as one of the most simple and efficient ways to reduce stress, meditation involves a simple technique which helps you in controlling stress, decrease anxiety, improve the cardiovascular health and inculcate the ability to relax in a better way. Meditation relaxes your muscles and harmonizes the breathing, pulse, blood pressure and metabolism thereby producing an overall positive effect on the tension of the mind and the body.

Practice Yoga
Practice yoga for a healthy stress free life. Impatience, anxiety, insomnia are all linked to high stress levels. The Asanas used in Yoga are beneficial and helpful in alleviating nervous energy and relaxing for your mind and body. The breathing patterns are also related with stress levels. Deep breathing and lengthening of exhalation can increase the tone in the parasympathetic nervous system and reduce the stress levels.

Inhale for relaxation
The aroma of essential oils has been known to have a relaxing effect on our bodies and mind. Aromatherapy uses different scents to treat your stress, the most commonly used aromas in reducing stress are lavender, geranium, basil or rose essential oils. The essential oils can be used anywhere, in your workplace, at home or in the spa.

Dance away to good health
Yes, you heard me right! Dance or movement therapy is a completely natural way to manage stress. Dance therapies will work with individuals as well as when done in a group. IT is a holistic approach towards taking care of stress since it creates a healthy balance between the mind, body and spirit. It not only improves mobility and muscle coordination but also reduces the tension in the body and creates a self-awareness and self-confidence on an emotional level.

So, starting this year, dance your way to wellness and a stress free life.

Watch what you eat
Eating healthy is one of the cornerstones of a stress free life. There are foods which can reduce your stress levels and keep you healthy. Vitamin B, magnesium, potassium and a healthy balance of proteins and carbohydrates is essential to reduce chronic stress and to maintain a healthy body. /it has been studied that with a balanced meal, your mind will be more focused and balanced, muscles relaxed and the stress will melt away.

Be passionate and dedicated towards your health. There is nothing more important than your health and keeping fit should be the foremost step to reduce stress and lead a healthier life.

Latest research by scientists at Princeton University have found that working out can produce new super brain cells which are known to be more resistant to stressors. In fact exercise or physical activity relaxes you and reduces stress. So, even science now provides evidence to the fact that exercise will help you in reducing stress.

Are you sleeping enough?
Sleep is essential to heal the mind and body and is rejuvenating in nature. Uninterrupted daily sleep for almost 8 to 20 hours is essential to reduce the stress in your life. Make a conscious effort to go to sleep at a reasonable time and follow a sleep routine. A healthy sleep routine provides you a refreshed and rejuvenated body and mind on waking up.

Communicate a lot
Experts have claimed that group therapies and community sessions play a significant role in reducing the stress levels in life. Talking to people who are in the same space gives you an outlet for pent up feelings and frustration and relaxes the mind. Develop healthy and friendly interpersonal relationships to live a stress-free life.

Share positive and pleasant memories with others, put a brake on the depressing and damaging thoughts. Sociologists all over the world claim that recounting stressful events further stress your mind and body.

Embrace happiness
Do not fix an occasion or time for the joy in your life. Choose happiness and take conscious steps to embrace joy in life. Empower yourself to ignore and stay happy. Take out time for those small acts of kindness towards other as research states that it can actually reduce the concentration of stress hormones. Happiness and kindness are two main ingredients forming a positive feedback loop which makes you feel happy, relaxed and stress free. Relish each moment and every bit of joy to get raw enjoyment which can reduce the stress in your life.

Take care of yourself
Taking care of yourself is the most important thing if you want to keep the stress in your life at bay. Live your life, take care of your family, and spend time with them. Indulge yourself in a hobby, do things which are pleasurable for you. Eat well, and always eat on time. Always follow a routine physical work out. Taking good care of yourself goes a long way in creating a healthy balance between your body, mental well-being and emotions

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