11 Facts You Should Know About Whole Body Vibration

Whole body vibration therapy is an amazing and one of the most beneficial techniques which has been used in recent years. Experts recommend that everyone should experience the benefits of whole body vibration in their day to day life. This therapy helps you to ease your body into higher levels of fitness, health, and well-being and as an added benefit, lose weight.

11 body vibration facts

It is not a new technology!
No, whole body vibration is not a new technology. The concept of body vibration has been prevalent since ancient times and has been used to enhance the muscle mass and increase the bone density. The body vibration platforms have been widely used by Olympic athletes, sports teams, chiropractors, physiotherapists, weight loss clinics, spas and other wellness organizations.

Whole body vibration has amazing benefits
Whole body vibration therapy is associated with amazing benefits. The wonderful benefits of body vibration include muscle toning and strengthening in almost 3 weeks, increased bone density in approximately 6 to 8 weeks, enhanced production of the human growth hormones, decrease in the production of stress hormones, decrease of cellulite, tightening of skin, reduction in the blood pressure, increased rate of metabolism, increase in blood circulation, cardio stimulation, increased flexibility, increased mobility, improved co-ordination, improved balance and relief from stress.

Whole body vibration is a form of Passive exercise
Whole body vibration is a great form of exercise in speeding up the results of daily work outs by enhancing performance, increasing physical strength, and preparing muscles for intense physical activity. For those with a more sedentary lifestyle, whole body vibration is an absolute blessing because you can skip the sweat and pain of a rigorous exercise session and indulge in the luxury of free, quick and easy exercise session.

Just 10 minutes on the platform
Just 10 minutes of whole body vibration lets you enjoy the benefits of 60 minute vigorous session. 10 minutes session, 3 times a week can do wonders for your fitness and health.

Whole body vibration is good for elderly
For older clients, whole body vibration has shown proven results in providing relief from incontinence and gives them a much more flexible body in no more than 4 to 6 weeks. The use of whole body vibration in older patients cuts down the need for medicines or surgery.

What happens at the sessions?
Whole body vibration is an easy and enjoyable alternative of missing out on rigorous exercise. One has to simply stand on the platform and change the speeds and postures. Lower speed targets higher body while higher speed targets lower body. A simple adjustment of your foot position and posture makes different areas of your body to vibrate and hence leads to exercise of different muscle groups exactly as your personal masseuse would do.

An adjunct to regular routine
Whole body vibration actually works towards accelerating the effect of your vigorous workout in an exponential manner. So you can incorporate your stretches, push ups, weights and all other exercises routines with whole body vibration for greater benefits.

Weight loss and whole body vibration
Whole body vibration lets you lose weight a lot quicker when compared with conventional exercises. The results are gradual over a period of few weeks. After a week of 10 minute whole body vibration sessions, you will feel an increase in your strength and fitness levels. Your flexibility, mobility, ability to bend, stamina and energy increases. You may also expect to notice tighter and toned muscles. After 10 days of 10 minutes whole body vibration sessions you may start losing inches from your upper arms, thighs, calves, waist and hips. Within a month, you can definitely become slim and thin with a healthy and energetic body.

What you eat matters
For a healthy and fit body, it is very important that you eat healthy food. Adopting a healthy eating program helps you in gaining the benefits of whole body vibration much sooner and for longer periods of time. Experts recommend healthy, balanced, low carbohydrate eating plan to accompany whole body vibration sessions for better results. The program should be consistent in nature. It should be understood that this is a lifestyle matter rather than a crash program on losing weight.

Whole body vibration equipment
Even though the whole body vibration platforms are not yet approved by FDA, several hundred research studies have been conducted by various medical and academic institutions and organizations. The whole body vibration platforms are meant to allow the client to target specific muscle groups and helps in training skeletal muscles which can produce a great variety of effects.

The advantage of whole body vibration platform is that it does not exert any load on the musculoskeletal system and hence does not produce any strain. Hence, it is considered to be good for joints.

When you should not use the whole body vibration
Whole body vibrations are considered to be generally safe, but there are some conditions which preclude you from using whole body vibration therapy. You should consult your doctor for his approval for using whole body vibration if you have any of these conditions;
1. Thrombosis
2. Open wounds from surgery, stitches
3. Pregnancy
4. Advanced arthrosis, arthropathy, acute rheumatoid arthritis
5. Artificial joints
6. Nephrolithiasis
7. Pacemaker or other metallic implants
8. Foot, knee or hip implants
9. Type I diabetes
10. Epilepsy
11. Acute hernia, discopathy, spondylosis
12. Severe migraines
13. Retinal detachment
14. Tumours
15. Head injuries, other neurological conditions
16. Pulmonary problems
17. Lumbar disc problems
18. Acute inflammations or infections
19. Heart problems
20. Recently placed IUD’s metal pins or plates


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