12 Factors that Affect Skin Health

Is your skin health slowly deteriorating? Are you still wondering how your skin suddenly started to appear so dull and lifeless? Keep reading to find out more about the 12 factors that have a huge impact on your skin health.

skin health

#1: Diet
This one’s pretty obvious- your diet impacts your internal health, which in turn, shows up on your face and reflects on your skin. Following a diet that lacks essential nutrients can cause malnutrition, dehydration and deficiency disorders, which ultimately impacts skin and hair health in the negative way.

Conversely, following a healthy diet tends to improve skin tone dramatically and also keep it looking healthy and youthful.

#2: Lifestyle Habits
This one may be quite tough to digest, but a lot of individuals notice their skin health deteriorating solely due to the lifestyle habits that they follow. Alcohol and nicotine consumption tends to cause constant dilation of the blood vessels in the face, which may lead to a permanent network of reddish capillaries on different parts of the face.

Smoking is also thought to hamper wound recovery, speed up aging and appearance of wrinkles, and also stains the skin. What’s more, regular smoking is thought to contribute to making the skin appear saggy and wrinkly.

#3: Health Conditions
Some pre-existing health conditions and concerns also tend to have a negative impact on skin health. For instance, polycystic ovarian syndrome is a disorder that is thought to be associated with acne. Similarly, cancer patients may also experience skin problems due to their invasive treatment options, and those suffering from inflammatory disorders may experience pigmentation and scarring of skin.

#4: Environmental Factors
Changing climate and exposure to environmental pollutants also tends to have a considerable impact on skin health. Cold and windy weather conditions tend to cause dryness and itchiness of skin- drinking lots of water and using a good moisturizer during this time may help.

Exposure to dust and invisible chemical pollutants can also interfere with your skin’s natural detoxification process, which can lead to acne, spots and other skin problems.

#5: Use of Cosmetics
You may love trying out different skincare and cosmetic products, but most of these products tend to contain chemicals that may impact skin health negatively. Many lipsticks and skin creams tend to have lead, which is an absolute skin hazard. Moreover, many perfumes and fragrances contain neurotoxins, and nail polish and other skin products also contain formaldehyde, all of which tend to affect skin health adversely.

#6: Age
While you can’t really do much about this one, it is important to keep in mind that your age too, determines your skin health to a considerable extent. In the early 20s, the skin tends to look young and fresh, and is its best. Soon after, as you are about to hit your 30s, skin tends to lose moisture and appears dry- now’s the time to switch to a heavier moisturizer.

Fine lines and other signs of aging may start to appear after 30s if you’re not really particular about your skin health.

#7: Sunlight
Unprotected exposure to ultraviolet rays of the sun tends to have several negative impacts on skin health. For starters, it tends to cause premature ageing by destroying the elasticity of skin, and also causes it to become dry and more prone to wrinkles, pigmentation and dark spots. The risk of skin cancer is also significantly increased on exposure to sunlight for a longer period of time.

Make sure you never go out in the sun unprotected- slather on sunscreen having an SPF of atleast 20 before you get out.

#8: Hormones
The hormones of the body too, play an important role in maintaining optimum skin health. The hormone estrogen is responsible for keeping the skin hydrated and soft, while testosterone is associated with management of oil production and facial hair. An imbalance of these hormones, possibly due to faulty diet or decreased organ function, may trigger skin problems.

Get to the root cause of your problem as address it with a proper treatment approach as quickly as possible.

#9: Stress

Stress, anxiety, depression and other negative emotions are also thought to be linked to skin health. These emotions affect several organs of the body, interrupt their healthy functioning, and also deteriorate skin health, leaving it dull, lifeless and more prone to premature aging.

Try meditation, yoga and other approaches to tackle stress and anxiety.

#10: Sleep
Just like food and water, sleep plays an essential role in determining your overall health. 7-hours of sleep is needed daily for the body to recharge itself, and devoid of sleep, several important processes of the body tend to halt. Sleep deprived individuals tend to have reduced growth and renewal of skin cells, and the healing process of tissues tends to slow down rapidly.

So make sure you get your 8 hours of beauty sleep everyday.

#11: Toxins
Years of consumption of packaged and processed foods causes a buildup of toxins in the body. Most of the foods contain high levels of chemical additives, flavoring agents and preservatives, which tend to affect skin health. These toxins suppress the immune system and also sap the skin of its natural beauty.

Choose fresh, organic produce instead of using packaged and canned foods, and stick to home cooked meals as often as possible.

#12: Other Factors
Apart from these, many other factors are thought to have an impact on skin health.

  • Insufficient intake of water could cause improper removal of waste and toxins from the body, which could in turn, cause dehydration, premature aging, and other negative impacts on skin health.
  • Daily exposure to central heating and cooling systems such as in offices, can also cause rapid dehydration of skin, which could cause it to get dry, dull and drab.
  • Photoageing, which occurs due to excessive exposure to sunlight, can also cause sagging of skin, and may reduce its ability to heal up quickly.
  • Lack of exercise is also believed to inhibit the flow of life-giving oxygen throughout the body, which leaves the skin dull.

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