5 Simple Ways to Pamper Yourself!

The baby never seems to stop crying, the home is always in demand of your care, there is always a stack of pending projects to be completed at work, and there has been no romantic date with husband in ages! Sounds familiar?

Pamper Yourself
To add agony to the injury, this leads to stress, anxiety, premature ageing, fatigue and persistent bad moods. Get out of this frenzied pace of life and take out some time for yourself. Pamper yourself to achieve relaxation, peace, health, healing and rejuvenation! Aglow brings to you 5 simple ways of pampering yourself (with or without our assistance!)

De- stress and relax
Sit back and relax. Yes, however difficult taking time out for yourself is of utmost important for you and your family as well. Learn the best means to de stress yourself as it lifts you from the maddening crowd and whirlwind life and lets you heal and relax.

Many have found meditation to be helpful in relaxing. Clinical studies have also emphasized the role of meditation in affecting the nervous system. A study performed on human subjects has proved that mindfulness meditation is a powerful cognitive behavioral coping strategy and helps in altering the way we respond to life’s events. Meditation brings about significant and substantial improvement in the psychological well-being.

Take an aromatic oil bath. Again completely natural and clinically proven, aroma baths have the effect of reducing cortisol levels, bring about relaxation and induce sleep. Volatile oils like lavender, rosemary oil, rose wood oil, eucalyptus oil, sandal wood oil, rose oil and ylang ylang oil.

Keep fit. Research gives evidence that following a regular exercise program (yoga, aerobics) is supportive of effects such as anti-depressant, anti-anxiety and mood enhancing.

Cleanse and condition your complexion
Take out some time from your daily routine to restore the radiance and re-hydrate your skin. Go completely natural. Use fruit pulps, grain blends and natural nourishing creams for protective and restorative at home therapy for yourself. Use oils like olive oil or goat’s milk soap for cleansing your skin. Use yogurt or butter milk as a mild exfoliant face wash daily to get a smoother, soft skin. A face pack of mashed ripe bananas is an excellent recipe for a re-hydrated, glowing skin.

Use a cleansing lotion made from cream and an essential oil such as geranium oil or rose oil. Massage this lotion into the skin to pamper dry and thin skin. Use oatmeal scrub for its excellent cleansing and bleaching effects. Use rosemary oil to tone your skin. All these natural recipes go very well with any other therapies such as Microcurrent or aromatherapy.

There are many more natural homemade recipes for skin treatments, keep looking up this space for them!

Skin and body rejuvenation
Stress, premature ageing, sun damage, psychological damage are behind the appearance of wrinkles, sagging skin, lusterless skin, blemishes, dull and pale complexion, and cosmetic disfigurements. Take a day’s trip to the nearest spa and wellness center and treat yourself to a complete face and body treatment. There are many non-invasive and relaxing approaches for achieving complete rejuvenated and reinvigorated senses, skin and body. Some of these therapies are laser therapies, photo-therapy, light therapy, Microcurrent, chemical peels, and dermabrasion. Out of these I am a strong advocate of Microcurrent therapy which is very popular these days as it is convenient, 100% natural, absolutely safe, extremely comfortable and painless. It is meant for complete facial lifts as well as body lifts. Pregnancy stretch marks, cellulite due to lack of exercise can all be taken care of through a single Microcurrent session in a blissfully relaxing and comforting experience.

A few drops of a pleasant smelling oil in your bath water, sniffing it from a potpourri or massage it directly into the skin not only relieves you of your stress but is also calming, relaxing and has a beautiful rejuvenating effect on the skin and body. You can treat yourself to an aroma bath in your own home, or take out a day to visit a wellness center where the therapist or an aesthetician can give you an aroma massage. According to research and clinical studies, aromatherapy has a beneficial effect on the immune system, psychological system and a varied range of beneficial effects on skin and hair.

The secrets of ageing
And lastly, know the secrets. Make yourself aware about the factors that can accelerate ageing. A caloric restriction is considered to be a hallmark of preventing anti-ageing. Follow a healthy life style; do not indulge in drugs, excessive use of alcohol or smoking tobacco. Oxidative stress and lifestyle diseases such as Diabetes and Hypertension are known to aggravate the ageing of skin, body and mind. Take preventive and precautionary measures to control and maintain the blood sugar levels and blood pressure. Stay fit. Ageing is unavoidable, but ageing in a healthy way, gracefully and in style is the way to go.
In the most stressful of times, spoil, coddle, humor, indulge and caress yourself, in short pamper yourself to a life of glory!

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