5 Tips for a Shiny, Radiant Skin

Women if they could would love to turn back the clock. For who wouldn’t like to keep the vitality, freshness and vigor of youth sealed forever in its place. But thanks to the normal physiology of our body, the stress of life, the race to win over life and a constant struggle with the harshness of pollution, climate and weather somewhere down the line ageing sets in. then start the continuous trips to beauty clinics, careless and a rash use of beauty products and looking desperately for high end invasive techniques to treat our skin.

Radiant Skin
But the youthful freshness and ageless radiance of the skin can be maintained through simple naturally applied and followed tips. Don’t believe me? Here’s how.

Massages have been known to be therapeutic in nature. Ayurveda has alleviated many skin ailments through massage therapy. They enhance circulation, allow for the topical application of natural oils and herbs, de stress the fatigued skin and perform reeducation of muscles. Different massages are appropriate for different types of skin. Many herbal juices, egg, leaves, fruit mashes have been used to massage. The type of massage done depends on the skin type. Muka lepam, udvartanam and abhyanga are ancient Ayurvedic massaging techniques aimed at recharging your skin cells.

Acupressure massages work much like massage lifts. When the face is rubbed along with some Vitamin E it stimulates circulation, releases toxins, reduces the appearance of wrinkles and reduces the bags under the eyes. An age old tradition, it is completely natural and 100 % effective.

The latest to join the bandwagon of natural massages for face lifts is Microcurrent therapy. In this electrical current of very minute quantity which resembles the current present in the body’s physiological system is applied to the skin and these false stimulations triggers off a series of biochemical reactions inside the cells to reeducate muscles, increase blood circulation and energy production and produce a fresh and rejuvenated skin with minimum of efforts. The effects are immediate and long lasting.

Detoxification has been followed by naturopathic physicians since ages. It involves three essentials: resting, cleaning and nourishing the body from inside out. The steps involved in a typical detoxification procedure are:

  • Resting the organs through fasting
  • Stimulate the liver to eliminate the toxins
  • Also promote elimination of toxins through intestines, kidney and skin
  • Improve circulation of the blood
  • Refueling of the body with healthy nutrients

Detoxification gives you the ability to fight with various ailments and renews and rejuvenates the body to maintain optimal levels of good health. Detoxification enhances the body’s natural healing system. Do a short and safe detoxifying program once a year. It has been scientifically established that detoxification is essentially beneficial for health. Detoxification efficiently can cure irritated skin, puffiness under the eyes, and a sluggish skin. A word of caution here is that detoxifying should not be done by nursing mothers, patients with chronic degenerative diseases, cancer or tuberculosis. You should always consult your doctor in case you have any of these conditions. one detoxification program followed with a few healthy lifestyle habits like balanced diet, large intake of water, deep breathing exercises, exercise hydrotherapy and dry brushing your skin will help you maintain the effects of detox for a long time.

You are what you eat! Eat lots of fruits, vegetables, proteins, minerals and fiber diet. Forget about the junk food for a while. Throw your cigarettes, nicotine and caffeine supplies in the dust bin. Cut down on your alcohol intake and see the difference. Foods like almonds, avocados, low fat yogurt, sweet potatoes, whole grain, hemp seeds and green tea are not only good for health but also prevent you from putting on oodles of weight.

It has been proven that regular exercise is one of the keys to a healthy skin. Exercise increases the blood flow and keeps the skin cells healthy and vibrant. It also helps in eliminating wastes from the skin.  Exercise relieves the stress. The production of collagen and elastin is enhanced through an increased blood circulation and hence the skin is toned and tightened following a regular regimen of exercise.

Think positive, keep smiling and keep those depressing thoughts at bay. A healthy mind and a healthy body are complementary to each other. If you are happy and content from within it shows off on the glow of your skin.do some yoga, meditate to calm yourself, join a laughter club to de stress yourself, read a comic strip, indulge in a favorite hobby, read good literature and listen to good music. All these are therapeutic in nature. A daily walk with yourself in the gardens will do wonders for you. Last but not the least, love yourself!

Most of these natural methods of attaining a healthier skin work very well with each other. So, you can eat healthy, exercise well and indulge in occasional massages or detoxification schedules for  a shiny and glowing skin.

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