5 Tips to lose weight naturally this holiday season in Minnesota

Holidays are around the corner and so are lazing around, relaxing, busy schedules, extra indulgences, and sinful foods. Endless parties, food hampers at work, and constant barrage of food causing an average Minnesotan to gain almost 1 pound of weight each holiday season!

holiday in Minnesota

So is it the time to hide around to avoid waking up in the morning at least 1 to 10 pounds heavier? You should control yourself now and take efficient steps to cut down on this unhealthy weight gain. Even though you may find it difficult, but it is possible to follow these simple tips to control your body weight and maintain your lean and fit body. Follow our 5 tips which are simple, easy to follow and you do not even need to take out time for some harsh work out from your holiday mood.

Food is for energy
Remember that food is the fuel for your body. Increase the fiver rich fruits and vegetables in your diet. They act as appetizers. Be very selective while eating high calorie dishes. Avoid foods which are fattening and unhealthy.

Is your stomach telling you something?
Listen to your stomach. Stop taking food the moment you feel your tummy is full. Do not over eat. Holidays are the perfect times when you may indulge yourself in binge eating. Prevent any sort of gastrointestinal discomfort by eating only as much as you are hungry.

Don’t skip breakfast
Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Breakfast helps in maintaining and regulating your metabolism and blood sugar levels. If you deduct breakfast from your daily routine and starve yourself throughout the day, there are raised chances of increasing body weight.

Research has proven that people who eat breakfast lose more weight than people who do not since breakfast is the meal which provides energy for the daily activities. A complete and healthy breakfast keeps your tummy full for a long time and hence there are lesser chances that you will indulge in unhealthy snacks in between.

Be a choosy eater!
When you are served with a platter of sinful desserts and goodies, be selective and choose food which you like most in the offered varieties. Do not overeat or try everything. Eating only your favorite foods is a good means of limiting your calorie intake. When eating together, get up from the table politely, to avoid nibbling on more food than you are hungry to prevent extra weight gain.

Walk, walk, and walk
Walking as a regular physical activity has been considered to be one of the best daily exercises. It promotes digestion, burns off calories, and also enhances basal metabolic rate and hence is a perfect physical activity after meals.
It has been found that 30 minutes of brisk walking can make you lose almost 150 calories per day. Increased pace and greater distances will also help you in losing more weight. The intensity of exercise must be moderate or vigorous to reduce weight. Marinating a walking regime daily after meals will help you in maintaining a healthy weight.

Microcurrent sessions!
If you do not wish to undergo rigorous workouts, but want to lose extra pounds which you may have added during this holiday season, go for Microcurrent sessions. VIBHAlife Microcurrent sessions mimic the strenuous physical exercise or the rigorous weight training and work out sessions to help in shedding the extra fat.

It tones the muscles of the body through a completely natural process by enhancing the body’s production of energy and toning the muscles of the body such as buttocks, tummy etc. it is extremely effective in reducing flab and toning abs by mimicking the body’s physiological functions. The clients of VIBHAlife are offered body sculpting, cellulite treatment, and neck sculpting and arm treatment. it helps in reducing weight from tummy, arms, buttocks, thighs, shoulders and legs by improving the blood circulation, increasing lymphatic flow and enhancing overall metabolism.

VIBHAlife has made it possible for the Minnesotans to lose weight before, during and after this holiday season without having to undergo painful work out sessions. The philosophy which breathes life in the premises of VIBHAlife is that all the Microcurrent techniques and massages used for therapy sessions is the complete natural approach. These are safe, effective and without any side effects. We offer a lifestyle change to all those who walk in our doors for a complete body sculpting.

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