8 Natural Recipes for Amazing Skin

What would you say if a Board certified plastic surgeon doles out advice on natural means to defy your age? Surprised? Don’t be.

Natural Recipes

Dr. Andrew Ordon, MD, in his book ‘Better in 7: The Ultimate 7-Day Guide to a Better Youth,’ has given natural, non-invasive healthy tips for skin care and beauty therapy. He has described home remedy tips for almost everything under the sun from eliminating under eye dark circles to shiny hair to smooth, glowing skin. interested in turning back the clock then do try these top 8 amazing tricks for natural skin care coming straight from the horse’s mouth !(read cosmetic surgeon)

1. Moisturizer made from avocado and honey
A must for anti-ageing, you must keep your skin moisturized. In hydrated skin, moisture acts as temporary filler for wrinkles. A moisturizer also enhances the color of the skin and makes it look smooth. A face pack made from fresh cream, avocados and honey has been recommended for a youthful and dewy skin.

2. Healthy salad to fight with wrinkles
Fresh fruits like blueberries, strawberries, kiwi, pomegranate, oranges and dry fruits like walnuts are complete with antioxidants and are energy boosters. They enhance the blood circular, increase the absorption of healthy nutrients and protect the skin from the damaging effect of the sun. A healthy intake of this salad helps in taking care of the wrinkles.

3. Natural remedy to treat acne
Research studies have proven that yeast is antibacterial while lemon helps in drying the blemishes or scars of acne. Therefore, a pack made from brewer’s yeast, lemon juice and water helps in the spot treatment of blemishes of acne.

4. Tone your skin through natural recipe
If you are prone to acne, then a basil toner is the right remedy for your skin. Basil has antiseptic property and daily use of a basil toner over your face helps in clearing away the bacteria which cause acne and also improves blood circulation to the skin.

5. Exfoliate your hands naturally
Your hands are dead giveaway of your age. If the top layer of dead skin cells with pigments is removed by the use of a natural exfoliating scrub, age spots can be cleared off. A natural scrub made of cooked rice (for exfoliation), agave (for hydration) and lemon (to lighten skin color and lift off the dead cells) is beneficial when applied using the natural massage techniques.

6. Natural facial scrub
Exfoliating scrubs are great to remove the signs of age from your face. A scrub made from fresh cream, white sugar, brown sugar, ground almonds and olive oil when used regularly on dry skin can alleviate dull complexion and produce a smoother and brighter skin.

7. A natural conditioner
Whoever thought that a dollop of good old mayonnaise can work wonders for your hair! Yes, it is true that once a week treatment of a conditioner made from mayonnaise, coconut oil and coconut extracts can keep your hair smooth, hydrated and shiny.

8. A natural treat for your lips
A natural remedy for chapped lips to moisturize them can be made from ground coffee. A lip exfoliator made from natural moisturizer, coffee grounds and kosher salt can be massaged on to your lips. It helps in removing dry, dead skin making them look more plump and healthy.

Go ahead, try these natural do it yourself tips to be more healthy and look more beautiful.

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