A smell can do it all!

Did you ever think that a dab of oil can help you in bringing down your weight? Well, YES, it’s true! A completely natural means which works very well in helping you shed the extra kilos of weight is the use of aromatherapy or essential oils.

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The solution
There are many products which are either a blend of various essential oils or a single essential oil. In fact this natural treatment or remedy is an age old method which works by suppressing appetite, boosting energy, detoxifying and promoting emotional well-being to result in a long term, healthy and safe weight loss.

Why chose aromatherapy for weight loss?
Are you wondering about the need for a healthy and optimum weight along with a balanced life style? The basic reason is that being overweight not only increases the risk of health problems but is also not appealing to sight. So, a balanced and healthy weight leaves a positive effect on your emotional well-being and positive attitude. The best thing about the use of essential oils or aromatherapy in the management of weight is that they also resolve the emotional and physical disturbances along with supporting the body in regaining its equilibrium.

Also the use of these essential oils is not just limited to weight loss but it also helps improving your body image and acceptance, increase our self-love and instill in you the much needed physical and mental confidence.

The importance of being natural
Natural products help in weight loss by helping the body in regaining its equilibrium through completely natural means. There are no other side effects or any physiological side effects on the body as a result of natural treatments. Natural products through maintaining the body to its naturally original state helps in the long term effects of the weight loss.

The physical, mental and emotional imbalance which results in an unhealthy weight gain and the use of natural products or essential oils helps in combating these basic problems.

How essential oils work in weight loss
The various essential oils which are used for the loss of extra body weight are grapefruit essential oil, peppermint essential oil, lemon essential oil, bergamot essential oil, cinnamon essential oil, sandalwood essential oil, bitter orange essential oil, sweet fennel essential oil, and cumin essential oil.

Acting as a natural aid for the weight loss and health management, essential oils leave a very positive effect on the weight loss when used in combination with healthy diet and lifestyle.

Essential oils work by melting away the fat and detoxifying the body. There are many essential oils which act to suppress food cravings, enhance the mental state, and act as tonic and stimulants for the system. These oils when used together also work towards enhancing the effects of all other essential oils in reducing weight.

Different essential oils used for weight loss
As stated above there are numerous essential oils which have been efficiently and successfully used for reducing body weight. They work through different mechanisms and also lead to different effects on the body.

Grapefruit has been marked as one of the top essential oils which have been considered to be important in reducing cellulite, weight loss, and toning the body. It is also known to curb appetite, and act as an efficient destressor thus enhancing and improving emotional and spiritual status. It also helps in alleviating eating disorders and self-abuse along with improving the body image. Similarly another essential oil of lemon is good for detoxification and also increases the physical energy. Added to this lemon essential oil is also used in treating various digestive system related problems. Another good oil for weight reduction which works by stimulating the mind and treating other digestive issues is peppermint essential oil. The essential oil from ginger also helps in enhancing energy, warming the body and stimulates the system to work towards reducing the weight. Cinnamon is another essential oil which is good for weight loss. It not only plays a role in reducing weight but it also improves and enhances the effect of other essential oils along which it is used with. Bergamot essential oil is useful in combating stress and inhibits the major reasons for overeating and use of unhealthy food. It also creates a general sense of awareness and calm and alleviates stress. Sandalwood essential oil has been proven to be very good for a number of skin problems and it also affects the chemistry and physiology of the body and hence helps in reducing the weight. Sweet fennel essential oil is also found to be an enhancer of metabolism and suppressant of appetite and thus helps in reducing weight. Studies have also proven that cumin essential oil can lead to significant loss of weight and circumference of the waist.

Similar studies have been conducted to prove that bitter orange essential oil to be effective in treating obesity. It is a popular essential oil therapeutically and is good for weight loss and weight management programs. Added to this it also alleviates stress levels and reduces anxiety.

How to use essential oils?
There are many ways in which an essential oil or a blend of essential oils can be used for the purpose of weight reduction. Essential oils can be diffused in the environment or inhaled directly for their effect. Topical application of the essential oil or a blend of oils diluted in carrier oil through massage is another way in which they can be used for their weight reducing and stress busting properties.

Essential oils should not be taken directly as it may not be safe for use. Only under the guidance and advice of a registered practitioner the oil should be used for internal use.

What else can you do?
Some other natural steps as daily routine for weight loss

  1. Drink more water and add a small drop of essential oils to the water for flavor.
  2. Sleep well, take daily walks, and eat healthy doses of fruits and vegetables.
  3. Bring down your stress
  4. Detoxify yourself occasionally using natural means.

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