Aglow 3-1 Holiday natural stress relief package

Workloads have been hectic, mornings chaotic and evenings tired! Holidays are around the corner and you can now indulge to relax in the luxurious settings of our wellness and relaxation therapies.

aglow holiday package

Feel good, look good and be healthy. It is time to take care of the stress and rejuvenate you and recharge yourself for the upcoming days. To help you with this, we are bringing to you a bonanza deal!

Keeping up with our commitment of bringing to you the best of natural therapies and the most skilled experts in the beauty and wellness world, VIBHAlife is partnering with two other wellness centers and spas [Morning glory therapeutic massage and Healing touch acupuncture] providing the natural therapies of acupuncture and therapeutic massages to heal you, relieve your pain and enhance your appearance.

Done in an absolutely serene and relaxing environment, our sessions will bring to you completely natural therapeutic procedures done by the experts in their fields. All these procedures are completely relaxing, enhance the blood circulation, release pain and stress in your body, alleviate the symptoms of aging, sun damage and damage due to the environmental toxins on the skin.

Three different and unique relaxation sessions provided to you at absolutely affordable rate and all the procedures are completely natural. The healing touch of these sessions is exactly what you should treat your body with this holiday season. Get rid from the stress and relax in a healthy way. No harsh chemicals are used in these natural relaxation sessions, all the procedures are non-invasive in nature and absolutely safe to administer.

The acupuncture is an ancient Chinese technique which brings about a balance in the two opposing yet complementary forces in the body thereby producing beneficial effects on health and skin. It is extremely useful in the management and alleviation of pain, headache, chronic fatigue syndrome, obesity, stress and tiredness. You will emerge feeling relaxed and refreshed and energized from your acupuncture session. Since the session restores the natural balance of energy inside your body the body is reinvigorated after every session.

Therapeutic massages are intense relaxation massages which can take care of chronic conditions and stress. The therapist uses pressure and cross fiber friction to naturally release the pain and stress. Massage has clinical benefits and it also enhances blood circulation, increases the production of energy, brings about utilization of the fat stores in the body and also tightens and tones the muscles. By this effect it also increases appearance of the skin.

Aromatherapy sessions at VIBHAlife utilize natural essential oils with various clinical health benefits and relaxing features when used in massages, and steam inhalations. Essential oils used in aromatherapy have the healing properties and is also good as an anti-aging treatment, alleviating skin scars and blemishes and also provides hydration to the skin.

All three of these essentially natural techniques are offered to you at extremely affordable prices as part of an unbelievable package deal. Completely natural, we are trying to bring to you the best of three worlds this holiday!

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