Aglow Cavi Lipo Body Session

VIBHAlife brings to you yet another natural body contouring technique which uses world class technology and FDA approved state of the art equipment to alleviate fatty areas on the body that are difficult to eliminate in regular exercise. This process uses ultrasound or ultrasonic waves that only affect the adipose cells (fat). Cavi Lipo really does “melt the fat away!”

aglow cavi lipo body treatment

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cavi lipo + microcurrent  before & after

Cavi–Lipo is a safe and proven technology which is used successfully in the treatment of troublesome areas (adipose areas) and or cellulite on the body. The science behind the Cavi-Lipo technology is that ultrasound is used to “cavitate” (or break apart) the fat cells and hence result in a more sculpted body.

Aglow Cavi lipo body treatment
Aglow Cavi lipo body treatment uses Cavi-Lipo FDA approved device to break down the fat cells. These fat cells are eliminated from the body via urine and other ways. The clients are advised to drink lots of water which hastens the process of washing out the dead fat cells in the urine. Following the Cavi lipo session, the client is given a body wrap or a cellulite wrap in conjunction with an essential oil to tighten the muscle group. So our Aglow Cavi-Lipo with Microcurrent body treatment not only gives you a tummy reduced in size but also one with a toned and a firmer appearance.

Aglow Cavi lipo Procedure
Cavi-Lipo uses safe, noninvasive ultrasound technology which targets specific areas in the body. When the ultrasound hits the fat cells (and only the fat cells), it breaks them apart. They are then eliminated through the lymphatic system. It is extremely important to consume water prior to a treatment to stimulate the drainage system of lymph in the body and thereafter to help “flush “the body and rid the fat byproduct. During this process the ultrasound creates a ’bubble’ within the cells causing it to literally explode. Massage will further assist in the elimination of the unwanted fat byproduct. Following the procedure the target area becomes smooth, tight and smaller. Some clients can literally lose inches after one treatment.

Using the Cavi Lipo on cellulite has fabulous results on your body and tones your muscles.

Cellulite is nothing but fat cells which collect and form small mounds in one area thus forming small divits between them. Use of the “cavitation’ procedure will smoothen out those areas and eliminate the divet effects.

The use of essential oil cellulite wraps further enhances the process of losing the fat cells from the body.

Non invasive procedure
There are no side effects due to Cavi-Lipo treatment modules. There is no pain, no heat, no freezing or any other uncomfortable effect.

Advantages of Cavi-Lipo
Cavi-Lipo brings about effective, dramatic and immediate results. It tightens firms and contours the body. It reduces the sagging of the skin, diminishes the stretch marks and excess skin leading to a more contoured and toned appearance. The changes in the skin are more permanent in nature.

Cavi-Lipo is a non-invasive body contouring technique. So you can lose all the extra fat without the use of needles, cannulas or scissors. It does not have any downtime. You can get this treatment during the office lunch hour and go back to work right after the treatment session. It is relaxing and comfortable and feels like a hot stone massage. It is the perfect way to lose weight without having to undergo painful or rigorous exercises.

Are there other similar procedures available?

  • There are various other modalities which are used for the removal of the fat. The many other methods which are found in the market are
  • Laser or Laser lipo or smart lipo which uses lasers as the modality to reduce weight.
  • Radiofrequency RF uses the older technology of radio frequency to help in rebuilding the collagen around the face.
  • Cryolipolysis or cool sculpting is a relatively new technology which uses vacuum suction to remove the fatty cells.
  • I-Lipo utilizes light diode technology to temporarily reduce the extra inches by dehydrating the adipose cells beneath the skin.