Aglow Customer Expereince – Use of Microcurrent facial pads

You have seen how Patti used facial probes on Sue’s face during the deep wrinkle treatment. She also used sticky facial pads along with the probes on Sue’s face to remove the fine lines and deep tone the skin. Since the duo agreed to being filmed we have compiled another short clip for you to see how the facial pads work.

microcurrent facial pads

Patti says that through her years of experience she has learnt that the real effectiveness of a treatment lies in the client’s belief in it. Surely, that’s where Microcurrent treatment sessions score high. All the clients at VIBHAlife are extremely pleased with the first time results and keep coming for more.

While performing the deep wrinkle treatment, Patti told Sue that even though she can see the effects right away, she will have to go for more maintenance treatments as the benefits of the Microcurrent treatment are cumulative which implies that the more treatments you have, the more improvement you will see in your face. Sue was told that she will experience an immediate softening of the fine lines around the eyes, forehead and frown lines  within the first few treatments.

I use the facial pads to treat problem areas because pads enable me to focus treatment to specific areas while working with probes. Facial pads are used on selected meridian points of the face and thus help in targeting problem areas. Patti used the pads on Sue while giving her the deep wrinkle treatment along with the probes. Sue didn’t feel any sensation when Patti used the pads but no discomfort or no sensation does not imply that the pads are not working.

Before applying the pads, the face of Sue was properly cleaned and dried because pads last longer on a clean and dry skin. It is important to ensure that Sue does not feel any discomfort. During the treatment the current has to be kept at an intensity at which Sue could barely feel the current.

Patti advised Sue to take care of some important factors during the deep wrinkle treatment. These were;

  1. Consultation form:  is extremely important to review contraindications and in evaluating Sue’s skin concerns and lifestyle concerns. This will help Patti in recommending the appropriate treatment series and helping her in selecting complimentary programs during the treatment series.
  2. Hydration: water conducts electricity. Sue was instructed to drink about 2 glasses of water before the treatment and 2 to 4 glasses of water after the treatment

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