Aglow Customer Experience – Getting a brow lift was never this easy!

When we told one of our clients that she can get an eyebrow lift forehead lift sans the knife or chemicals, she for once didn’t believe us.

Microcurrent brow lift

Patti Kluge, our in house professional explained to her that she can go for a Microcurrent brow lift via a simple, comfortable and natural procedure. Some negligent amount of electrical current will be applied to her skin which will naturally stimulate energy production, collagen production helping the skin and muscles of the face to hold their position longer. She agreed to it instantly. So, that is how we got around filming Sue and Patti during a brow lift.

The treatment lasted for about 20 minutes and Patti used electrical probes over the forehead, under the eyes to the top of Sue to massage with an immediate resulting softening of the fine lines around eyes, forehead and frown lines.

Sue was made comfortable and made to fill in a consultation form while Patti explicitly told her the nuances of the treatment of the Aglow Brow lift. Patti thoroughly cleansed her skin, removed any residual make up because as she explained to Sue it will be a barrier to the electric current. She prepared Sue for the treatment by applying a natural treatment serum on her face and then followed it up with a conducting gel. Throughout the procedure, she added a few pumps of the Ion spray on Sue’s face to reactivate the conducting gel. Just before starting the procedure, Sue was clearly told that she may experience a tingling sensation or fluttering lights when the probes went near the eye as optic nerves are stimulated.

Patti placed the ┬áprobes on Sue’s ┬áskin and small muscle groups of eye and glided over the skin in free flowing movements. She seemed to be completely at ease and did not complain of any discomfort or current sensation. As Patti glided the probes on her face, she explained that the cornerstone of dramatic result is in the effective and efficient, upward and outward movement of the probe as it re-educates the muscles and holds it firm and tight.

Sue said she was completely at ease and showed no signs of discomfort or current sensation (known as signature). The probes were glided on her face along the areas of dark circles, eye wrinkles and forehead. 5 to 8 minutes of oxygenation on her face by Patti helped in dilating the blood vessels, stimulating and increasing blood cells which carry nourishment and oxygen to the skin. Result? Within 3 to 5 minutes Sue boasted of a plump, fresh and luminous skin appeared with a hint of sculpting of forehead. In the next movement of probes Patti massaged the smaller muscle groups resulting in building the upper layer of the skin, reducing wrinkles and rejuvenated skin.

At the end of first session itself, there was a definite and visible reduction in the sagging skin of forehead, upper eyelids and eyebrows and Sue was ready to come for more! She was suggested to have more maintenance session as it has been repeatedly noted that the effect of Microcurrent therapy is cumulative in nature. The more number of sessions you have, the more your muscles remember it.

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