Aglow Customer Experience – Microcurrent in deep wrinkle treatment

It is amazing to see how small snippets of technology can do wonders in our life, boosting our confidence, lifting  our spirits and making us look young and beautiful again! Last month Patty gave a deep wrinkle treatment to one of Aglow’s customer Sue. The client – esthetician duo agreed to be filmed for the benefit of everyone else. So here we are showing you a few clips of the deep wrinkle treatment.

Aglow Customer deep wrinkle treatment

It was a great experience for us to witness the deep wrinkle treatment and we did not expect the ease, simplicity and the relaxed attitude with which the whole treatment was done. In Sue’s words, “I could have almost fallen asleep if Patty wasn’t explaining the procedure to me.” In a 60 minute treatment session, patty used facial pads and Pico probes. Since this was Sue’s first treatment, she was asked to fill a consultation form stating any contraindications, skin concerns and lifestyle. This helped Patty in assessing her needs and selecting the appropriate treatment module.

Patty clarified to Sue that if she has ever had a facial massage, this will truly be a similar experience except the treatment is focused on your face and neck. Patty performed a series of manipulations with the help of facial pads and Pico probes. When Sue met Patty, she felt comfortable instantly and got all her queries regarding the Microcurrent treatment cleared up. Patty applied conductive gel  on Sue’s face after thoroughly cleaning and drying it to make it ready for the probes. During the treatment session, Patty used ion spray  to keep the gel on Sue’s face activated and conducting. Patty told Sue that she would be using two probes, a negative and appositive. The negative probe was placed towards the top of the face and positive towards the bottom.

Patty asked Sue if she felt any discomfort because if she did the lowering of the settings of the FDA approved device was required. Then she used the probes in smooth flowing movements to oxygenate the tissues and increase circulation. The probes and tips were focused on small problem areas in the next step to remove the fine lines and smooths the deep lines. She glided cinched and erased the probes to treat the deeper layers causing the skin to tone and tighten. In the next two steps she moved and held the probes for at least 2 to 6 clicks. You can hear the clicks in the video. Slow gliding movement followed by smooth faster movements by Patty’s deft hands resulted in facial lifting, deep muscle toning and penetration of the gel. All these phases were well timed and in an ‘upward and outward movement of the probes, Patty reeducated each muscle group of the face and neck and reversed the effect of gravity. When Sue was asked about the experience she responded by smiling and saying that she didn’t feel any current sensation or discomfort and was totally relaxed. She also praised the ambiance and serene interiors of VIBHAlife.

The treatment session ended, and Sue was asked to look at herself in the mirror and voila! She couldn’t believe her eyes at the instant impressive changes following the first session of the treatment series.

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