Aglow experience

At Aglow wellness center in Lakeville, choose from a wide variety of our face and body treatments to help enhance, heal and revitalize the total wellness of your body and mind!

aglow lakeville skin spa

From the moment you walk in our door, we will try to help you relax, unwind and recuperate. The complexities of the treatment required by you will be explained to you and any of your queries will be answered adequately. Our therapists will perform the therapy and you can sit back and enjoy the session. The aromatherapy massages are done using the scientific massage techniques and pure essential oils.

The natural therapies offered by Aglow are a great way to regain the youthful skin texture and suppleness, to maintain the youthful vigor of the skin and to tone your body. We provide skin treatments for wrinkles, acne and acne scars, under eye dark circles, sagging eyelids and eyebrows, stretch marks and cellulite. The range of services that we offer is:

  • Aglow complete face lift
  • Aglow deep wrinkle treatment
  • Aglow brow lift/ under eye treatment
  • Aglow neck sculpting
  • Aglow arm treatment
  • Aglow stretch mark and skin tightening treatment
  • Aglow body sculpting
  • Aglow cellulite treatment
  • Aglow Aroma Touch Therapy

We provide our clientele with cutting edge service and an ultimate spa experience. All our Neurotris medical devices are FDA and California Department Public Health approved and ISO 9001 certified. All the 8 essential oils we use for aromatherapy are doTERRA oils which are certified pure therapeutic grade essential oils and blends of various essential oils.
Stop by at Aglow in 10621 165th Street W., Lakeville or call us at 952-892-7787 for detailed information or an appointment.