Aglow & Healing Touch Acupuncture Summer Event!

aglow womens day out

Get a glowing and healthy start to your summer!

Discover the secrets of modern Microcurrent technology with ancient acupuncture, and find out how these two can help your aging skin rejuvenate and it bring back to its natural beauty. Get a FREE 10 minute Microcurrent eyebrow lift and a group acupuncture therapy.

Enjoy free Food & drinks!
Fruit Kabobs, Red Velvet Cupcakes, Lemonade, Veggie Platter and Flavored Water.

Gift giveaways

Aglowlife: $10 gift certificates for later Microcurrent treatments

Please call and reserve for your free brow lift and Acupuncture sessions.

Please bring food items to be given away to Women’s shelter.