Micro-Needling Facial Treatment

Micro-needling is an underused treatment that can serve as an inexpensive alternative to invasive treatments, such as lasers. Micro-needling tricks your skin into producing new collagen and elastin, giving you that fresh faced glow!

aglow Microneedle
Whether you want to fill in fine lines and wrinkles or acne scars, micro-needling is the way to go! Chemical free, this treatment aligns with Aglow Life’s belief in non-invasive therapies to bring about dramatic results.

Paired with the skin care by Life Line, your skin will look radiant. Life Line Skin Care is the only skin care line based on human non-embryonic stem cells, helping to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Stem cell therapy helps your skin produce new collagen and elastin, which makes this the best product to be paired with micro-needling

Micro-needing procedure
It’s important to know that whatever you are trying to treat (fine lines, wrinkles or acne scars) they did not get there overnight. That being said, treating with non-invasive, natural treatments take time. But the payoff is worth it. You are giving your skin an opportunity to fix itself, from the inside out, something you do not get with chemicals which are just a quick, temporary fix. Micro-needling is a permanent treatment that will help you look and feel your best about your skin.

The procedure starts with a cleanse, then a numbing cream is applied to your face. This allows you to feel relaxed and the mild discomfort to be minimal. This treatment is done in sections while the Esthetician learns your skin. Your first treatment is a way for the esthetician to really learn your skin, allowing you to get the maximum results from each treatment.

To see the best results with micro-needling, pairing the treatment with the right products makes all the difference. Micro-needling is an investment, and to get the most out of the investment means caring for your skin with Stem Cell Skincare from Life Line. This allows your skin to repair itself from the inside out, as well as the outside in. You will need to keep your skin free from makeup after each session for at least 24 hours. So schedule your appointment when you can relax and keep your skin covered with just sunscreen. There will be minor redness that will lessen with each treatment.

Micro-needling Timeline
You will need to allow your skin to heal in between each session, so micro-needling can be scheduled every 4-6 weeks. It’s also important to make sure you remember that your skin in basically brand new! That means extra sun care and moisturizer. You will be able to wear makeup 24 hours after your treatment just make sure you remember to moisturize and don’t skimp on the sunscreen! You can expect some redness after each session but that is your skin’s way of healing.

The number of treatments is dependent on each person’s individual skin needs. Talking with your Esthetician will allow you both to decide on the number of treatments needed for your skin.

Non-invasive procedure
This is a pain free treatment that offers only mild discomfort. You will feel relaxed in the tranquil environment, enjoying the soft music, hot towels and aromatherapy. You will start to see results after a few treatments and when paired with the right Life Line Stem Cell Therapy, you will get the most out of your investment.

Advantages of Micro-Needling
Micro-needling is a way of letting your body naturally heal itself. Unlike procedures that inject chemicals and are only temporary, micro-needling is permanent. It is not a quick fix, but because it’s natural and non-invasive, it’s a great alternative to chemical procedures. The needling allows your skin to produce new collegian and elastin so it’s really healing itself. This is a great treatment for someone who is looking for long lasting results, free of chemicals.