Aglow Microcurrent Stem Cell Gel Facial

What is Aglow stem cell Microcurrent Facial?
Aglow Stem cell Microcurrent Facial utilizes the application of a stem cell gel which is a conductive gliding gel. It brings about the beneficial clinical results and also enhances the absorption of Microcurrent in the skin.
The Stem cell molecule gel.

stemcell gel microcurrent

Years of laboratory work and clinical experience has gone into developing the adult stem cells to be used topically on the skin with an aim to promote healthy tissue and skin. Utilizing advanced technology, the gel has been devised to enhance the natural healing process of the tissues in the body by restoring the factors which promote growth and other chemicals and factors which are essentially present in young, healthy and radiant skin.

Stem cell gel is formed as a result of the full complement of the molecules which are obtained from the adult stem cells such as growth factors, peptides, collagen, cytokines, interleukins anti-oxidants, and micro particles. These natural actors help in healing the tissue and restore the natural coloration and texture of the skin.

Why would you choose stem cell gel?
As the latest buzzword in the skincare world, stem cell gel is obtained from the human embryonic stem cells such as fertilized human eggs. These cells are harvested and then these pluripotent stem cells are grown in cell cultures and thereafter manipulated to generate specific types of cells to treat injury or disease.

Since these cells are endogenous in nature and are present within our bodies and hence they help in the maintenance and repair of the tissues where they are present. Skin is one such organ which has stem cells. Skin stem cells are present in the epidermis layer of the skin where they help in rejuvenating and repairing skin cells and tissues. Skin stem cells are used in topical, anti-aging cosmetics for the therapy of aging related skin problems.

The theory which is working in the skin therapy is that the stem cells present in skin are dormant present in the deeper layers of the skin. In damaged or affected skin, these cells become active ensuring the constant and continuous regeneration of the skin cells in all favorable or unfavorable conditions.

How does the stem cell molecule gel work?
The stem cell gel helps in stimulating the natural healing process of the tissues by stimulating the natural physiological processes in the body. The gel provides immediate and lasting results by using the most current of the techniques such as Microcurrent to care for the skin.

It works in conjunction with the NeurotriS facial machines to produce yet another positive effect. The stem cells released molecules are more efficiently applied to the inner layers of the skin when used with Microcurrent and mimic the natural healing properties of the akin.
The benefits

We are not overrating the product when it is claimed that the stem cell gel is bestowed with superior effectiveness. The use of the gel has several benefits when used before the Microcurrent facial. It is a promising technique in which the gel helps in reducing the pain, redness and scarring which may be present in traumatized skin. It also has anti-aging benefits due to which it forms integral part of the age management cosmeceuticals.

The application of stem cell gel before applying the Microcurrent is considered to have dual benefits. It increases the absorption of the Microcurrent in the deeper layers of the skin and enhances the normal physiological processes, increases blood circulation and also activates the production of energy in the form of ATP. Stem cell gel itself activates the stem cells to produce new cells thereby regenerating renewed skin. The stem cell gel is also effective in delaying aging. Hence the combination of stem cell gel and Microcurrent brings about much more pronounced benefits on the skin.

Are there any side effects?
The stem cell molecule gel is a conductive gliding gel which has no paraben, perfumes or added color. It is completely natural and enhances the natural healing properties of the skin.