All you need to know about Hot Stone Massage

Ayurvedic therapies, traditional massage and complementary and alternative medicine has seen an immense popularity in the recent years owing to their great health benefits and completely natural techniques. They have a holistic approach of treatment and tackle the problem of healing the mind, body and soul in one go. One such massage technique is hot stone massage. Aglow brings to you an introductory concept of what hot stone massage is all about?

stone massage

What is a hot stone massage?
The first question in this regard is what is a hot stone massage therapy? A slight variation from the classic massage therapy or technique, hot stone massage makes use of heated, smooth and flat stones to do massage. These stones are placed on specific points on the body and used to massage certain regions of the body. This is not a novel concept, but hot stone massage therapy is an ancient technique

It is a popular massage style today and different wellness centers and spas have also formulated and developed their variations of the traditional hot stone massage utilizing the hot and smooth stones.

The most unique element of a hot stone massage: The Stone
The most frequently used stones in hot stone massage are made of basalt which have a rich iron content. Owing to their iron content, they retain heat. Added to this, river rocks are used because of their natural smooth texture formed as a result of river currents.
The stones used in hot stone massage are immersed in water and heated through an electric heater to a certain temperature range. These heated stones are then places on certain specific points on the back of the client, in the palms of hand or between the toes depending on the condition of the client.

How does a hot stone massage work?
When the heated stones are placed on the body of the client, their heat warms and relaxes the muscles. The therapist can put deeper or increased pressure on the relaxed muscles which helps in improving the blood circulation and calming the nervous system. The location of the placement of the stones is generally the energy centers of the body which bring about equilibrium of the body and the mind.

The therapeutic benefits of hot stone massage
There are many therapeutic benefits on the client getting the hot stone massage. Some of these health benefits are;

1. Relaxation of muscles: the heat from the stones works towards creating a relaxing effect on the muscles. The relaxed muscles allow the massage therapist to manipulate the deep seated tissues effectively.
2. Relief from pain: hot stone massage is an intense massage and it can provide relief from pain due to tense muscles, stiff joints, or injuries.
3. Improved blood flow: the massage applied on the energy centers or the trigger points of the body assist in a deeper penetration of the heat in the body, opening the blood vessels and hence in causing an improved blood circulation. The improved blood flow helps in eliminating fatigue, relaxing tensed muscles, and eliminating the build-up of lactic acid and fluid in the muscles. An improved blood flow is also helpful in transferring more oxygen to the blood tissues and hence is helpful in relieving pain and aches.
4. Psychological benefits: Hot stone massage therapy is one of the best natural ways to ease out the mental stress and tension. It helps in overcoming anxiety, depression and other related disorders. It is a great de-stressing tool.

How is a hot stone massage given?
A combination of hot stones and massage techniques, the hot stone massage can also be delivered custom made for the client. Depending on the specific needs and preferences of the clients, the hot stone massage can be administered to the client. It is a great remedy in different muscular conditions such as muscular aches, arthritic conditions and autoimmune disorders. The various steps which are involved in delivering a hot stone massage are;
1. Warming up the stones by immersing them in electrically heated water.
2. Placing the stones at the acupressure points throughout the body. The stones can be placed on the back, hamstrings, arms, face and between toes
3. The temperature of the stone is checked, and then only it is left in one place so that heat from the stone is transferred to the muscles in the body lying within.
4. When the body is relaxed from the heat of the stones, various massage techniques are used to apply pressure and manipulate the muscles.

The advantages of hot stone massage
It is a natural therapy involving the use of warmth of the stones on specific parts of the client’s body which bring about therapeutic benefits. The massage helps the client at both a physical as well as emotional and psychological level. It is not associated with any side effect. The therapy is relaxing in nature and there is no discomfort to the client during or after the massage treatment.

Who is the right candidate for a hot stone massage?
Anyone can get a hot stone massage. If you have certain medical conditions such as pregnancy or high blood pressure then you may be asked to avoid hot stone massage. If you have any co-existing clinical condition, please consult your physician before going for a hot stone massage.


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