All you need to know about intuitive massage

Don’t you wonder if it was possible for someone to fathom all your stress and pain and help in alleviating it completely just through a soft touch of hands? Tension and pain may be due to over exertion, accident or strain.

intuitive massage

Sometimes, emotional stress such as a rift between family members or co-workers or a business partner also leads to major stress in life which ultimately causes pain and tension in the muscles. When you don’t want to talk about the reason of your stress the massage therapist can sometimes feel and even identify the root cause of your problems opening the doors for safe and comfortable exchange of issues in a safe and comfortable environment.

What is an intuitive massage?
When the therapist uses his/her intuition to give you a massage, it is an intuitive massage which is helping you in relaxing your mind and body. It is easy for the therapist to palpate the tension and pain in your muscles and tendons, to understand the level of stress and emotional problems which also creates stress.

The role of the massage therapist in intuitive massage
It is easy for the therapist to understand and identify the root cause of your problems such as emotional stress or physical strain and allows you to talk out your problems without giving any judgement or rancour. This is helpful when you think about the issue in completely different light or point of view and this in itself may provide the solution to your problems. The relaxing ad comfortable atmosphere during the massage also helps you in letting go of the problem and relaxing your mind.

The intuitive practitioner has the ability to feel or see an emotion or pain when he touches a particular part of the body of the client. He relaxes the client so that he can also hear the words stating reason which are causing distress to the client. The client becomes interested in talking to the therapist about the problems even though the issue may be painful or disturbing to him. He feels safe to talk about the issue with the therapist who helps him in opening up and relaxing.

What is an intuitive session like?
During the session the therapist senses the anxiety or stress of the patient while touching his lower back. Along with the massage, the therapist probes the patient which helps him delving deeper into the issue disturbing the client. Therapist tries to get out the exact point which is disturbing the client. This conversation with the client offers him support and encouragement and makes the client feel that the therapist can heal his pain and he also gains strength to move forward. After this realization the client may decide to get professional counselling.

Similarly the therapist can correlate the tightness in the back of the client with an issue and realise that the origin of the pressure is internal and not external. As part of regular self-care schedule, the more the frequency of your intuitive massages is, the more beneficial it is. Massage appointments are therapeutic in nature taking care of your body, mind and soul.

Benefits of intuitive massage
Intuitive massage is extremely remarkable as it helps to not only reduce the pain and tension in muscles and tendons but it also helps the client to gain an insight into the behavioural patterns in their life which helps them in changing their lives towards a more positive outlook. There are numerous benefits which are associated with the intuitive massage. It helps in;
1. Reducing low back pain and also flexibility
2. It enhances immunity by helping in improving the circulation of the lymphatic fluid.
3. It stretches the weak. Overworked or atrophied muscles in the body.
4. It helps in maintenance and recovery of muscles from strenuous workouts.
5. It enhances the appearance and condition of the skin.
6. It reduces depression and anxiety
7. It improves the flexibility of the joint muscles
8. It alleviates scar tissue and stretch marks
9. It improves blood circulation
10. It relaxes and softens the injured, tired and overused muscles
11. It relieves headache and pain
Added to these benefits, the intuitive massage also leaves some unique benefits through elimination of the stress. These are;
1. It improves and enhances the quality of sleep
2. It rejuvenates and gives greater energy to the client
3. It improves concentration
4. It increases blood flow
5. It brings down the fatigue level
6. It also reduces anxiety

It also gives a better sense of perspective and clarity of vision to the clients. In all it is a great means of obtaining emotional balance and bodywork.

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