All you need to know about Reiki

We keep looking for techniques to reduce stress and relax ourselves with an aim to heal our body completely. You may be well-versed with the good effects of Yoga and meditation or aroma therapy in relieving stress. Aglowintroduces you to Reiki, which is a natural therapy to trigger the natural healing abilities of the body and generate overall good health. It is an excellent tool in today’s age to relieve stress.


What is Reiki?
Native to Eastern world, Reiki is best defined as a complementary health approach in which the practitioners promote the healing response of an individual by placing their hands on or just above a person. Last 3 decades have witnessed the immense growth in the popularity of Reiki as a uniquely traditional approach of healing the triad of mind, body and soul.

The principle of Reiki
Reiki is based on the principle that there is an energy flowing within, which serves the function of supporting body’s own or natural healing process. The term ‘Reiki’ itself means universal life force energy. This energy is used to heal a wide range of conditions such as stress, pain, anxiety, fatigue and depression.

How does it work?
The practice of Reiki states that the human body comprises of a physical body which is visible and an auric body which is invisible. The energy in the auric body is diffused around the physical body. It is maintained that an uninterrupted flow of this cosmic energy within is the basis for the good health. A free mind plays a significant role in the flow of energy to the subconscious mind through different auras and chakras. This keeps the mind and body in perfect co-ordination. Thus, reiki by keeping the mind relaxed and free from stress processes the channelization of cosmic energy into inner channels without interruption and heals the mind and body.

Thus the flow of cosmic energy through the reiki channel during the treatment to the chakras, auras and the dependence of the physical body on the flow energy balances the chakras, endocrine organs and five elements and keeps the reiki healers and others healthy.

The health benefits of Reiki
Reiki has been claimed to be an excellent traditional approach towards healing physical, mental, emotional and spiritual problems and producing wonderful results. It is done with the primary aim of de-stressing and with the help of which it produces many health benefits;
1. Relaxes the mind and body at a deeper level and helps the body to get rid of any stress or tension.
2. It enhances and improves the self-healing abilities of the body.
3. Produces better and a more relaxed sleep
4. It helps in relieving pain
5. It reduces the increased blood pressure
6. It has played a supportive role in the treatment of acute injury, chronic problems such as asthma, eczema, or headache and even helps in breaking addictions
7. It creates a balance in body by eliminating energy blockades and equilibrate the energy flow of the hormones to allow the restoration of body to a more balanced and harmonious state
8. Detoxifies the body. It also reduces side effects of drugs or chemicals and helps in the quick recovery of the body
9. It supports immune system
10. It increases the vitality and delays the process of aging
11. It also helps the individual spiritually and cleanses him emotionally too

Why should you choose reiki?
Reiki is a very simple, non-invasive and completely natural healing system which works in tandem with the higher self of the client to promote a holistic well-being. This is a system which aims at achieving a wholeness and unification of mind, body and spirit. There are no side effects of reiki. It is not related with producing cumulative effects. It can be used along with other forms of treatment and works at physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. Added to this Reiki is cost effective.

How is it done?
It is a unique type of subtle energy which utilizes the touch of hands to promote healing by allowing the flow of energy from an infinite source to the client through the reiki practitioner. The energy is extremely powerful but very gentle and can be easily channeled through Reiki channels. The client is relaxed and stress free after a reiki session and this is what restores the body’s natural ability to heal itself.

A Reiki healing session induces an extremely comfortable state of being in the client which has the power to alter the consciousness of the client; it is a tool which can even be used on-the-spot to release stress, pain and quick energy.

Are you eligible for a Reiki session?
It is a complementary therapy which not only complements but also enhances the health of the patient. It can be beneficially given to women including pregnant women, man, children and even animals or plants.

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