All you need to know about sports massage

You must be wondering why this massage is called sports massage. Well as the name says it all a sports massage is intended to prepare the athletes for their peak performance during a sporting event by helping them in wearing away fatigue, offer relief from swelling, reduce the muscle tension, promote flexibility and prevent injuries. It is the perfect way of improving and working on the maintenance of the body muscles and tissues during or before an event including pre-event, post-event and maintenance techniques as well.

sports massage

The need for sports massage
During strenuous and intense physical activity, stress and tension builds up in the soft tissues of the body. There are numerous minor injuries and lesions, muscle wear and tear due to overexertion and overuse. The sports massage can help the body in breaking them down and effectively offer relief from fatigue and pain. A sports massage given properly and regularly helps in preparing the athletes for peak performances, alleviate tiredness, relieve swelling, reduce muscle tension, and prevent the injuries which are niggling and frequently impede the best performance during an event. Sports massage can equally benefit an athlete and a once a week jogger both.

Each sportsperson or an athletic event needs the use of different muscle groups and in different ways. Sports massage helps in maintaining and replenishing the specific muscle groups before a major sporting event. We can easily conclude here that the primary need for sports massage is to allow the sportsperson to get rid of the stress and tension which has accumulated in the soft tissues of the body owing to the participation in rigorous physical activities.

What is the sports massage session like?
Different massage techniques such as Swedish massage and Shiatsu are used during delivering a sports massage. Customized to the individual needs the sports massage incorporates a blend of traditional Swedish massage and Shiatsu to treat the sportspersons. The expert therapist will apply deeper and more intense pressure while giving a sports massage. A combination of techniques such as cross fiber massage, trigger point massage, lymphatic massage, stretching, compression, friction, toning, and trigger point pressure are involved and a blend of these is utilized while giving a sports massage.

As already mentioned different sporting events places different demands on players since each sport uses the muscles in a different way. Hence, the sports massage is specifically designed to address the specific concerns of the player. It helps them in attaining peak of performance and minimal risk of injury through especially designed massage techniques.

While the session is ongoing, the expert will inform you about the blends of massage techniques used for you during the massage, how can the player work in tandem with the expert to bring out optimum performance and how can he minimize the risk of injuries during training for the event as well as after the event.

The benefits of sports massage
The Sports massage helps you in recovery, avoiding the over-training syndrome and takes care of the trouble spots in the body. The sports massage is endowed with a wide array of benefits helping the clients in feeling good about them which is one of the primary mental boosters in performing well. There are a number of benefits which have been directly related with the sports massage. Some of these are:
1. Sports massage reduces the heart rate.
2. It is a massage which also helps in bringing down the blood pressure.
3. It improves and enhances blood flow and lymphatic flow in the body.
4. It reduces tension in the muscles and thereby improves the flexibility of the muscles.
5. It relieves pain which may have been due to an injury sustained during the previous sporting event.
6. Sports massage is helpful in promoting greater athletic endurance, performance, reducing the chances of injury and also reducing the recovery time.

The goals of sports massage
It is imperative to mention here that the sports massage is given to the client to offer benefits in three different areas comprising of maintenance massage, event massage and rehabilitation massage.

Maintenance massage is given regularly based on the understanding of the player’s anatomy and his problem areas. This is intended for maintaining and improving the range of motion and muscle flexibility of the player.

Event massage is broken up into pre-event massage and post-event massage. The purpose for both is different. Pre-event massage is given to enhance the blood flow and reduce the extreme tension in the muscle as well as mental tension to help him improve performance during the event. Depending on the player’s need it is stimulating or calming in effect the post event massage is intended to reduce the muscle spasms and metabolic build up which may have occurred as a result of rigorous physical activity. It improves and triggers the body’s own recovery system through completely natural means.

Rehabilitation massage is given as a means of effective management of both acute and chronic injuries incurred during the sport event. It makes use of trigger point technique and helps in reducing the pain and spasms due to injury or compensated muscles.

Can I get a sports massage?
Yes, absolutely. Despite the terminology, a sports massage is not just intended for sportspersons. Anyone can benefit from sports massage including individuals who are in physically demanding professions or those who are not. People who suffer a great deal of emotional, occupational or postural as a professional hazard also qualify for a sports massage since the characteristics of these injuries are quite similar to those of sports injuries.


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