All you need to know about Swedish massage

The first type of massage is Swedish massage which is one of the most common relaxation massages to bring down your stress levels and relax them.

Swedish massage

What is it?
The Swedish massage is a basic massage technique where the therapist makes use of oil or lotion to apply pressure on different body parts through a number of basic strokes. The pressure applied ranges from light to medium pressure. Depending on different clients, the sequence of strokes and the specificity of the strokes are decided. Gradually the broad generalized strokes are transitioned to more specific and focused strokes to target the problem areas.

How is it done?
The Swedish massage is initiated with broad general strokes which are then changed to specific and focused strokes finally ending with broad connecting strokes. The Swedish massage makes use of five different types of stroke techniques which comprise of effleurage, petrissage, friction, tapotement and vibration.

Effleurage is a massage stroke technique which consists of long gliding and sweeping strokes massaged with hands using fists as well as open palms and forearms. The oil or lotion is spread on the body using these strokes. As the strokes are applied with increasing pressure the muscles undergo stretching this relaxing the client.

Petrissage is a technique which uses kneading, rolling, wringing and lifting allowing the knotted and wound up muscles to relax. It also releases soft tissues, stimulates nerve endings and enhances the blood circulation in the body. This massage technique is beneficial in cell repair and regenerates the damaged cells.

Friction is a stroke which is aimed at generating heat and has therapeutic healing properties. It prepares the tissues for deeper penetration of the natural essential oils in the body to enhance their effect. The massage technique uses either small circular or wringing motion or the oil is rubbed back and forth on the skin in elongated motion.

A percussion stroke or tapotement is another massage technique used in Swedish massage where the hand is rhythmically moved on the body to stimulate the nerves, muscles and enhance blood circulation. This massage also serves as an indication of the change of the position of the client while a massage is being administered to him.

Last massage technique employed here is vibration where the movements made use of are rocking, shaking and trembling administered to one limb or to entire body. The movements are used slowly or rapidly and help in echoing the surrounding tissues. This helps in releasing the tension from the muscles on which massage is given.

The benefits of Swedish massage
It will not be exaggerating to say that Swedish massage is the best way to relax the stressed out the body and mind. The benefits of the Swedish massage are;
1. It relaxes the muscles and hence improves the function of your lymph glands.
2. Those suffering from muscular strain will benefit from the Swedish massage.
3. Swedish massage helps in flushing out the toxic waste from the body.
4. Swedish massage is also good for people who have suffered from debilitating disorder of the joint causing pain.
5. Swedish massage is a great way to de-stress from the daily troubles of your life.
6. The pressure applied during a Swedish massage therapy to relax the muscles and relieve all the tension built up in the body.
7. People suffering from even the mildest form of depression have been known to be benefitted from Swedish massage.
8. Swedish massage gives you the energy to relieve stress and to relax your body.
9. Swedish massage also helps in inducing sleep.
10. Swedish massage also enhances and improves immunity.

The Swedish massage experience
Swedish massage does not require any special preparations before the massage. Experts recommend you to drink at least 8 Oz of water right after the massage so that the body can flush out the lactic acid which will be released during the massage. It is also necessary to stay hydrated for the nest 24 to 48 hours so that body can effectively eliminate the toxins. There is no pain or discomfort during the massage but if you feel uncomfortable while the body is being massaged, you can inform your therapist immediately. The Swedish massage is a completely natural, safe and effective way to release stress and tension from your muscles and body.

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