All you need to know about trigger Point Therapy

If you have experienced pain and tried to find for a completely natural and effective remedy then you share your frustration and hopelessness with many other people who are also endlessly trying to look for an end to the pain. Chronic pain has been claimed to be a destroyer, it can cause psychological, physical and social damage to the individuals suffering with pain. Now, there is a lesser known but scientifically tried and tested remedy for the pain in your neck, shoulder, arms, mid and lower back areas, hips and legs. Lie down; let your trigger points melt away and read on to know more.

trigger Point Therapy

What is trigger point therapy?
Trigger point therapy is a means of applying pressure on the trigger points in the body with an aim of reducing pain, increasing the movement, and letting the muscles to stretch and regain strength. Trigger point therapy comprises of applying intense or heavy pressure on the trigger points to relieve the pain. Light pressure is not effective in trigger point therapy. When a moderate to high pressure is applied on the trigger points, the pain initially increases following which it subsides to completely fading away. The initial pain due to increased pressure fades away later on as the pressure applied stretches the muscles and relaxes them.

What are trigger points?
Let me begin by informing you that more than 60% of your body is made up of muscles and hence easily constitutes the largest part of your body. The muscles play an instrumental role in causing all the movements in the body and hence are at high risk of wear and tear, fatigue, overuse and recurrent injuries.
Trigger points are small parts in the muscle which contracts involuntarily causing pain and dysfunction within the muscle. The problem with the trigger points is also that the prescription drugs do not work effectively on the trigger points. The reason behind this is that the drug should be efficacious enough to prevent all the involuntary muscle contraction while your heart with the biggest involuntary muscle action may not agree with this!

Research has also brought forward that trigger points are the most common reason for the pain observed in the musculoskeletal muscles. Trigger points keep the muscle in tight position weakening the muscles and hence putting stress on the points where the muscles attach to the bones. This leads to pain in the muscle joints as well.

How do you know if you have trigger points?
It will not be wrong to say that everyone has trigger points. Every person experiences trigger point to different degrees. In case you feel a lingering pain, persistent tightness of muscles, or limited movement in some parts then you are experiencing the effects of a trigger point. There are many symptoms which are due to the trigger points and make the identification of trigger point easier. These are:
1. Dizziness
2. Ear ache
3. Heart arrhythmia
4. Sinusitis
5. Heart burn
6. Neck and jaw pain
7. Genital pain
8. Numbness in hands or feet
9. Headaches
10. Restlessness in legs
11. Low back pain
12. Tennis elbow
13. Carpal tunnel
14. Joint pain
15. Toothache

How does applying pressure make the trigger point go away?
In trigger point therapy, sufficiently deep and sustained pressure is applied on the knotted up area or the trigger point. As the pressure is being applied, the soft tissues are released, blood flow increased, along with a reduction in the muscular spasm and the destruction of scar tissues. It also helps in removing any toxic waste present in the body.

There is also a nervous system connection where the pressure applied releases neurological signs and reduces the pain signals firing to the brain and rests the neuromuscular system to restore the normal functioning. It resets the body to its normal functioning.

The benefits of trigger point therapy
Trigger point therapy is simply the best treatment for trigger pints. By 1 applying deep manual pressure on the trigger points, it has been able to create dramatic therapeutic effect on the client by quickly eliminating the pain. It is not only one of the most effective means of alleviating chronic pain in the muscle and tissues but also one of the most easy to apply.

The therapy allows you to massage the trigger points in the comfort of wellness centers and spa and as many times as is necessary to completely get rid of the pain. It is completely natural and the massage simply melts away the knots while letting you completely relax on the treatment platform. The massage tricks the nervous system in improving and enhancing the blood flow and blocking the pain impulse for short durations. The deep massage therapy deactivates your trigger points thus helping to relieve the muscles. The massage can be simply applied on any part of your body where there is a trigger point. Sufficient, sustained and regular trigger point massage can deactivate your trigger points. The therapy also removes the metabolic waste from the body and resets the neuromuscular system to restore its proper and normal functioning. Some of the benefits of the trigger point therapy are:
1. You get rid of your pain and tenderness in no time.
2. The full range of motion of the muscles and the joints is restored.
3. You will feel younger and energized.
4. Your posture improves making you sit and stand taller.
5. Sleep is also improved as a result of trigger point therapy.
6. Added to this the lost sparkle in your eyes is returned once the chronic pain is alleviated.

Am I the right candidate?
Trigger point therapy is a good option for anyone who wants relief from muscle and tissue. It can be given to all clients irrespective of their age, gender, profession or the kind of pain you suffer from(sciatica, herniated disc, fibromyalgia or any other condition). It is a complete and comprehensive therapy aimed at easing out your pain and discomfort.


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