Be your own mind’s master

Psychologists all over the world have been talking about mindfulness. What is mindfulness? It can be defined as ‘a state of active, open attention on the present.’ When you are mindful, you lead your life as an experience, rather than just letting it go by.

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Why is it important to master your own mind?
Humans as a race are victims of distraction, anger, envy or negativity which are damaging to life. Research evidence has been growing to suggest that it is not possible for you to control your brain and regulate emotions such as love and attention and that too through meditation.

It is very sad that most of us underutilize our brain and so face flickering attention, ebbing patience and impulsive actions. It would be exceptional to be able to practice techniques which enable you to pay careful attention to your own mind.
It brings to you a chance that you can modulate the workings of your own mind, regulate your emotions, control your mood and enhance upon your cognitive ability. His will help you in becoming a ‘high performance user of your brain.’

What does mindfulness do?
This is a technique which helps you in becoming experts of your own mind. You learn to control the flow of your mental life channelizing it towards developing awareness, calm, compassion and joy. Mindfulness assists you in avoiding the emotional turmoil which is compelling in nature and makes you take rash decisions.
By learning the technique of mindfulness, you are essentially enriching your heart and mind with the ability to stretch the beneficial capacities of the human mind.

Meditation and mindfulness
Meditation works by changing the way we think and perceive our mental traits such as anxiety or anger. Neuroscientists are of the view that meditation creates awareness and mindfulness and allow the practitioners to de-identify with their emotions and feelings and this makes it easier for them to let go. Meditation is a science which is slowly innervating the mind to make it realise what it is to be a human and how to control the stress. It is a positive psychology curriculum which helps in the development or creation of mental states such as concentration, kindness and happiness.

In today’s world, technology has reduced our attention span to a minimum owing to the distractions provided by constantly ringing cell phones, pagers or the ever blinking computer screen. Regular and persistent practice of meditation can stabilize the mind which is unstable by nature. Meditation cultivates concentration and focus. It improves creativity and enhances productivity. Mindfulness is awareness which is achieved through meditation. This can be achieved by focusing on your own breathing and returning the mind to focus on your breathing every time it is cluttered by internal or external chatter.

Trash the negative
Many of us, rather majority of us are stressed by the negativity of the emotions within us. These negative thoughts or feelings are turbulent in nature and cloud clear thinking and judgment. The distress caused by negative emotions can lead to physical pain as well. Mental suffering not only damages the functioning of the brain but also immune system. Meditation teaches you to take stock of your emotions and not let them affect you. It purposefully prevents relapse of depression, recurrent mood disorder and hence protects the body from many associated ailments.

Be one with yourself
Meditation creates mindfulness which makes you aware of your own state of mind. It can be referred to be as tuning your mind with yourself. This is also referred to as compassion. When you can see your own mind then you can see someone else’s mind too and this can prevent a lot of psychological problems.

Stay happy
Lastly, happiness is the key to good health. If you can trash out all negativity from within yourself, free yourself from self-afflicted emotional turmoil, you will be at peace with yourself physically too and then you will be happy. Mindfulness states that happiness is not achieved by gaining something but when awareness is created within you then happiness radiates towards others.

The last word
The fundamental path to staying physically and emotionally fit is creating an awareness of your physical and mental self which can be naturally achieved through the practice of yoga, meditation, healthy eating and healthy living.

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