Beautiful Skin at any Age

Maintaining a beautiful, healthy and blemish free skin is a huge challenge for some while to others it comes naturally. From teenage to young adults, skin problems such as oily nose, blotchy skin coloring, blemishes and acne are few of the problems which are commonly faced by girls.

Beautiful Skin at any Age

The best way to take care of skin and get desired skin results is to go natural and use organic products. The top 5 ways which will help you to maintain beautiful skin are:

Come full circle with antioxidants
Researchers and scientists have pointed out that the use of antioxidants can take care of most of your skin problems. From severe sin problems to common skin issues, antioxidants are credited to be able to combat with a wide range of skin problems. Rich supply of antioxidants is available in Vitamins A, B, C and E; in minerals such as zinc and selenium. Antioxidants work by scavenging the free radicals which are unstable reactive molecules which attack healthy cells thereby causing damage to the skin cells. Free radicals are produced as a result of exposure to ultraviolet rays of sun, toxic substances present in the environment, pollutants or stress.

It is recommended that food items containing antioxidants should be eaten in good quantities such as fresh fruits, vegetables, and grains. There are many antioxidant supplements in the form of Ayurvedic formula which are also helpful in replenishing your supply of antioxidants.

Detox yourself
One of the first steps to achieve a beautiful skin is to get rid of the toxic food residues in your body. Packaged or processed foods and natural foods which may contain toxic chemicals should be completely avoided. Drink lots of water to flush out toxic waste from your body. Go organic as organic food is safe from harmful chemicals.

Youngsters and individuals, who have sensitive skins, should eat toxin free food and restrict their intake of fats, sugar and junk food. Natural foods and healthy living can help the skin in purifying blood and supporting the liver to cleanse the blood tissues from toxins, reduce excessive heat and oil and improve digestion.

Kick out stress from your life
Stress is a major problem causing an unhealthy skin and related skin problems. Too much of stress or lack of sleep can release free radicals in the body which cause damage to the skin tissues. Sometimes, stress also leads to unhealthy lifestyles such as consumption of alcohol, cigarettes or processed sugar which also damages the skin.

Meditation, yoga and other relaxation technique should be brought into daily practice to release stress and ensure healthy skin. Daily yoga and aerobic exercise have proven to be effective in keeping your stress in check.

Healthy fats for healthy skin
Ayurveda recommends healthy fats for people who have drier body constitutions. Hydrogenated fats should be completely avoided as they are heavy in trans-fat and cause inflammation throughout your body, damaging skin cells and accelerate aging. Extra virgin, first cold-pressed olive oil is considered to e good for your health and skin.

Try not to heat oils beyond their heating limits as after that their nutritive qualities are destroyed and they release free radicals. In case, high temperature heating is required, organic ghee can be used as it can tolerate higher heat without being destroyed.

In fact Ayurveda promotes use of ghee preparations in various skin conditions such as wound scars, skin marks and burning sensation as well. Ghee acts as a natural skin moisturizer.

Practice yoga for glowing skin
Premature wrinkling, acne or improper digestion affecting skin conditions; there are many reasons affecting skin health. Yoga provides a natural solution to all these by simply stimulating the normal systems in the body such as enhancing the blood circulation and increasing oxygenation of the body systems. Those who practice yoga everyday can certainly experience a cooling effect to the skin and retain its glow. There are many yoga postures which can improve the digestive process and also lead to detoxification of the system thus creating a naturally glowing skin from within. Along with typical yoga postures, you should also practice facial yoga exercises every day at home to tighten the facial muscles and reduce the stress levels and cause instant relaxation.

Along with yoga, meditation has been found to be useful in generating a healthy skin. Meditation acts as a natural make up which is not only long lasting but also helps you in radiating from within.
Follow these natural tips and enjoy all the appreciation coming your way!

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