Benefits of Microneedling

Micro-needling therapy is also known as a collagen induction therapy and percutaneous induction.

Micro-needling is a medically proven therapy for skin problems such as wrinkles, aging and sun damaging etc. whenever we go for any skin treatment we are very cautious regarding benefits and side effects of that treatment and always have many thoughts before taking any step. As skin and specifically face skin is very important for us. So here we are telling you the benefits of micro-needling which will guide you and motivate you for doing micro-needling therapy.

The benefits of micro-needling are listed below:
1. It produces natural collagen and elastin: As micro-needling is the collagen induction therapy which helps in the production of natural collagen and elastin therefore it works on the facial wrinkles, skin damage, thinning of the skin and reduces scars. It can also help in the tightening of skin which is common factor of aging.

2. It shows good results on acne or acne scars: Many researches showed good results by using micro needling for the treatment of acne scars. A dermatologist of New York Dr. Doris Day shares her experience that mainly 60%-70% improvement is seen in the acne scars after four to five treatments. The person who has active acne it is not recommended for them as this would spread bacteria and worsen the acne. It is also effective treatment for skin tone and skin texture.

3. Reduces hyperpigmentation: hyperpigmentation usually results after pregnancy, having darker complexion, more exposure to sunlight or sometimes due to abnormal melatonin. Collagen induction therapy boosts the active rich ingredients of your skin which results in the lightning of your skin color and reduction of pigmentation. The correct serum brightens the skin and face will glow.

4. Safe treatment of sensitive skin: collagen induction therapy can be performed on sensitive or thin skins. It can be used in such areas where peeling or laser resurfacing is appropriate e.g. near eye, mouth, hands and chest. Many dermatologists preferred micro-needling over plastic surgery for different skin problems.

5. Recommended for some skin disorder: For some skin disorders micro-needling is highly recommended. E.g. rosacea is a skin disorder in which facial redness occurs due to the breakdown of collagen. Mostly environmental factors are the causes of this skin disorder. Collagen induction therapy helps in the production of collagen and significant improvement in the rosacea. Melisma is another skin disorder in which blotchy and brownish facial pigmentations occurs. It is often creates distress and embarrassment in social gatherings so micro-needling helps to treat such disorder.

6. Can also be used at home: Micro-needling doesn’t need any special settings and practice. The collagen induction therapy can be performed even in office settings. There are some models of micro-needling which can also be used at home but dermatologists usually recommend that before using at home one should know how to handle or how much needle penetration is required in order to avoid infections or scaring because longer needles results in infections and it also hurts. A Michael gold, consultant dermatologist in EndyMed medical says “Once you get over one millimeter, you need to be pretty brave”.

7. Low cost treatment: The collagen induction therapy is low cost treatment as compared to other therapies and treatments such as plastic surgery and laser treatment are expensive ones’ and have more side effects than micro-needling. The micro-needling treatment cost depends on the effected skin of the individual. The dermatologist usually charges $30 to $100 in their clinics and the devices used for home costs $60 to $125.Some companies also offers home delivery services for the micro-needling devices. But before administering at home or personally use it is advised to visit dermatologist for prior assessment and to know about precautions and preventions.

8. Aging: aging is the truth of life after a glorious adulthood a person have to go through an old age or aging. There are some skin features that are associated with the aging such as wrinkles, fine lines, dark spots etc. micro-needling is the best treatment for controlling the facial effects of the aging. The collagen induction therapy backups the facial problems and make you to look younger than your original age.

9. Painless treatment: collagen induction therapy is painless and safe for aging scars or wrinkles etc. if anyone has sensitive skin then before doing the procedure numbing cream will be applied on the skin. Micro-needling treatment is tolerable and acceptable treatment by patients. It also has minimum side effects and doesn’t require after and before further treatments, creams or lotions.

10. Less time consuming: micro-needling procedure is not time consuming as it may takes 50-60 minutes or depending on the area of the treatment. A woman can continue her activities with some precautions as sun protection is recommended for some weeks etc.

11. Eliminates stretch marks: after the birth of 2 babies usually females have complains of stretch marks and they go for expensive and skin damaging treatments. For stretch marks collagen induction therapy is highly recommended.

12. Results in few weeks: the results of collagen induction therapy or micro-needling is usually visible after 3-4 weeks and you don’t have to wait longer to see its effectiveness. You can administer same therapy after few weeks it doesn’t damage your skin even intensifies it and lead you look gorgeous.

13. Absorption of active ingredients: micro-needling enhances the absorption of ingredients which is approximately 90% and it prevents from the signs of early aging and wrinkles etc. it improves the texture, firmness, hydration and as well as in pore size.

14. Doesn’t require more care: the micro-needling treatment doesn’t require intense care than other treatments. Sometimes patients may have dry skin redness and swelling after micro-needling but that lasts for few days depending upon the activity of the needle that how much deep it was penetrated. The sun protection should be done. After treatment if the individual has acne scars, so before going to bed with cleanser wash the face and in the morning there will be no acne scars and you will be able to apply any lotion or make up of your normal routine.

As we discussed many benefits of the micro-needling treatment. It shows that collagen induction therapy (micro-needling) is an effective treatment for many facial problems or skin problems such as wrinkles. Firm lining, aging, rashes, stretch marks, and some of skin disorders etc. micro-needling is of low cost and having minimum side effects as compare to other treatments or skin therapies. Many of the dermatologists also recommend and favor the collagen induction therapy. It is easy and endurable treatment for everyone.

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