Body Sculpting: The Natural and Relaxed Way

Would you love to have a well-toned body? Are you wishing to get rid of those extra inches you are carrying around as additional baggage? Do you think that all you need is a well built muscular body and a great stamina and endurance? Well, to achieve any of these you need to undergo rigorous training sessions, hours spent at the gym, enormous amount of aerobics/weight training and a strict diet to accompany all this.

Sounds mind boggling? Microcurrent through its natural body sculpting sessions presents before you the ultimate in well-toned body! It is by far the most natural, easy and zero pain effort to achieve a healthy, well-toned tight body and the best thing is that it is FDA approved.

The technology
The Microcurrent technology uses deliverance of current in very small amounts (micro, Pico, and Nano!) to the body. This current mimics body’s own electrical system and hence acts as a stimulus in kick starting a plethora of physiological processes governing the performance, growth, maintenance of  a healthy body. The Microcurrent delivered at specific muscle points on the body and face improves the biochemical fitness of the body. The body treatment performs an intense anaerobic workout and vigorous exercise that ultimately results in inch loss, enhanced muscle strength, increased elasticity and reduction of damaged tissue.

What it can do to your body?
The natural Microcurrent body sculpting has been efficiently used for the tightening and toning of skin, muscle building, inch loss, skin refinement and wrinkle reduction. If you want to go for a body sculpting then the results that you should be looking forward to are:

  • You can increase your endurance and stamina. You can progress to doing multiple pushups at a time and show greater strengths during competitions needing physical stamina.
  • Muscle strength is enhanced and rate of muscle growth increases.
  • The most coveted result is fat and inch loss. Starting with high intensity contractions the therapy gradually progresses to moderate contractions utilizing the glycogen and blood glucose rapidly. This uses body’s free fatty acid to release metabolic energy selectively and burn fat cells.

Natural- All the way!
The current resonates the nerve impulses within our body systems and causes the muscles to contract as one would if they lifted heavy weights or performed heavy exercises. This not only results in visible loss of inches, but also instant muscle toning and building.  It produces communication at the cellular level which causes release of a great deal of cellular energy (in the form of adenosine triphosphate, ATP) and cellular enzymes which results in retarding and even reversing the clock of aging. It enhances the collateral blood circulation which increases muscle blood supply. The wave form technology applies pressure while delivering current resulting in desired effects. The weight loss is also via an increased consumption of energy.

Unlike those procedures where you have to either go for a surgery or go for fat or tummy sucking, use lotions, potions or take needles to achieve all the aforementioned effects, the Microcurrent technique is safe, healthy and triggers the body’s natural system to function effectively. The completely natural Microcurrent body sculpting sessions help you in avoiding

  • The damaging side effects due to the over usage of steroids
  • Exhaustion and muscle wearing and tearing arising from use of heavy muscles.

Too young or too old
Adult clients of all ages can use the Microcurrent therapy sessions for complete body rejuvenation. Clients who are overweight, of average or large build, those who rarely or randomly exercise can all go for Microcurrent session. There should be a gap of 24-72 hours between two sessions initially. The clients are asked to take 2-3 sessions per week which can be gradually adjusted to 1 session per week towards the end of the therapy session. Younger clients below the age of 35 need lesser treatment sessions while the number of session increases with age.

For younger clients the therapies are preventive I nature and maintain the body while in older patients the therapies aim at repairing the damage due to aging and the loss of fat accumulated due to sedentary life style.

Is there any reason for which I shouldn’t go for it?
Yes, there are certain medical conditions where Microcurrent should be used with caution or in consultation with your doctor. These conditions are;

  • People who have a pacemaker or implanted defibrillators
  • Pregnant women
  • Clients suffering from certain neurological diseases such as epilepsies, cancer
  • Those who have undergone a recent surgery

Microcurrent sessions help you in toning your body, building the body mass and reducing the extra pounds of fat with its initial, maintenance and booster sessions but as an individual you will have to follow certain recommendations for the best results. You will be told about these after a session at Aglowlife is over. A well balanced and nutritious diet, a healthy and mild exercise regimen, healthy habits such as avoid smoking and excessive use of alcohol and follow ups with Microcurrent session are as integral to the body sculpting treatment as the deliverance of the current!

See it to believe it!
There are numerous advantages of Microcurrent being a completely natural treatment. You do not have to get any surgery done, use any drugs or undergo painful effects of liposuction. It is completely safe and convenient to do. You may feel some tingling sensation all over the body after a complete Microcurrent session, but you can also get back to work immediately after the session. All you need to do is keep yourself hydrated!

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