Microcurrent Body Session


When you walk into our center for the first time, we will fill out an intake form and have you sign a waiver. This will be reviewed by our staff and if the information gathered is within our guidelines you will be given a pre-session consultation. We will ask questions regarding your workout habits, exercise routines, eating habits and some background about your health history. This will help us to create a customized program for you that will include the following:

  • Determine which area of the body we need to work in the first session.
  • ¬†Determine the intensity of the microcurrent that will be used in your body to achieve optimal result in short time.
  • Determine the time interval of microcurrent that will be passed in your body.
  • Placement of Microcurrent probes in your body

Next you will be measured in the area being treated and photographed. This is left up to you to decide if you want to see how you look before and after the session.

We strive to make you as comfortable as possible and one way to achieve that is to give a very detailed and clear explanation of what to expect and how the process works. This is done prior to the onset of the session. We believe an informed and comfortable customer will achieve faster results.

What to expect in a Aglow Body Session
We use FDA approved and patented Microcurrent Device for your Aglow Body treatment. During the session, conductivity body pads are placed on targeted area of body and the electric impulse delivered which bring about instant result as soon as the session is over. Throughout the session your body should be completely hydrated because of an increase in the rate of removal of metabolic waste by increased blood circulation and increased  metabolism.

Following are the some of the highlights of Aglow Body

  • Aglow Body rejuvenation through microcurrent is a very safe effective way to accelerate the tightening and toning of your skin and muscle tissue.
  • During the treatment a technician will be with you to offer further comfort and possibly more explanation for you if so desired.
  • After the treatment you will be measured if you like. This information, as well as the procedure followed, is then recorded into a file to assist in creating the best possible outcome and for further sessions.
  • You will feel a tingle up to 20 minutes after the procedure.
    It is best to increase water intake after the treatment, but you can resume normal activity immediately.

For a detailed information on how microcurrent treatment is used for Aglow Body Rejuvenation visit