All you need to know about Reiki

We keep looking for techniques to reduce stress and relax ourselves with an aim to heal our body completely. You may be well-versed with the good effects of Yoga and meditation or aroma therapy in relieving stress. Aglowintroduces you to Reiki, which is a natural therapy to trigger the natural healing abilities of the body and generate overall good health. It is an excellent tool in today‚Äôs age to relieve stress. [Read more…]

All you need to know about trigger Point Therapy

If you have experienced pain and tried to find for a completely natural and effective remedy then you share your frustration and hopelessness with many other people who are also endlessly trying to look for an end to the pain. Chronic pain has been claimed to be a destroyer, it can cause psychological, physical and social damage to the individuals suffering with pain. Now, there is a lesser known but scientifically tried and tested remedy for the pain in your neck, shoulder, arms, mid and lower back areas, hips and legs. Lie down; let your trigger points melt away and read on to know more. [Read more…]

Therapeutic Lip Balm from VIBHAlife: Protection and Care for Your Lips!

New Year is a time of new beginnings but keeping up to our old promise and commitment of crafting beauty products inspired by nature and your needs, VIBHAlife introduces its completely natural therapeutic lip balm. [Read more…]

A healthy alternative for glossy, radiant lips – LUSTER Lip Gloss

Healthy, soft and smooth lips not only enhance our appearance but our smile as well. Extremes of weather and lack of moisture lead to dry, cracked and chapped lips which are not only painful but also have a negative impact on our looks. The best way to take care of your lips is to use natural herbs and ingredients for your lips which would heal, repair and moisturize the lips in a healthy and safe way. [Read more…]