Sandalwood – The Warehouse of Good Health

Sandalwood is a fragrant herb widely used across the globe in various forms. There are many names that can be associated with sandalwood such as Chandan and sandal. [Read more…]

Aloe Vera: Plant of Immortality

The plant of Aloe Vera is easy to recognize as it has a unique appearance with no stems along with sharp edges. Aloe Vera is full of benefits and is a vital and active part of the medical and the beauty world. [Read more…]

Licorice – The Skin Lightening Ayurvedic Herb

Do you know what Licorice is, or how useful can it prove to be? Well if not, then let me share a few unknown secrets or Ayurvedic benefits hidden in licorice for you. [Read more…]

Reetha – Natural Shampoo from Mother Nature

Reetha is the common Hindi name for the fruit of Soap nut tree and this fruit is packed with amazing benefits for health especially for hair. The botanical name for Reetha is Sapindus Mukorossi and it is grown in tropical areas such as northern parts of India and some areas in Nepal. [Read more…]

The Old Aged Ghee as an Ayurvedic Medicine

The word Ghee refers to clarified butter used in most parts of South Asia for cuisine and Rituals. It is prepared by boiling butter and thereafter removing the residue from it. [Read more…]

Mint – The natural healing Herb

Everyone desires good health and beautiful skin and using natural products is one of the best ways to achieve this dream. Nature has given not one but many gifts to the mankind in the form of herbs and one such miraculous herb happens to be mint. [Read more…]

Saffron – Natural skin remedies

Saffron is a derivative spice from Saffron crocus. Saffron’s iodized form and taste result from chemicals like safranal and picrocrocin. The spice contains a carotenoid dye, known as crocin, which gives a luminous golden – yellow color to it. [Read more…]

Amla Filled With the Goodness of Nature

Amla, also known as the Indian gooseberry or Phyllanthus emblica, is a delicious fruit with several hidden qualities. High contents of the fruit are used in hair oils and shampoos. Ayurveda claims that the Indian gooseberry is more a natural medicine than a fruit. The contents of gooseberry are used in huge amounts to make shampoos and hair oils. [Read more…]

Tulasi – The Herb, The Lifesaver

Tulasi is a branched sub shrub, most commonly known as Holy basil, Ocimum Tenuiflorum, and Osimum Sanctum. The plant is usually 30-60 cm in height. Tulasi is a plant having purple or green leaves that have a strong scent. It is a plant with hairy leaves. [Read more…]

Shikakai – Fruit for the Hair

A beautiful and lustrous head of hair is a dream of one and all and people use variety of chemical shampoos and conditioners in order to achieve their dream. [Read more…]