Five Beauty Routines for Brides

Every bride wants to look her best on her wedding day. We want the perfect hair style, let’s not forget about the shoes and most importantly the perfect dress that will make you look like the queen of the day. [Read more…]

Why Micro-needling is the best option

It is a hard decision to choose which option is best for your skin and which is the least invasive. Do you go with chemical peels or good old fashion exfoliation? Which products are best to use for your aftercare routine? All these questions run through your head and I am about to explain to you why you should choose Micro-needling as your solution to your skin problems. [Read more…]

Micro-needling at home

Every kind of treatment to anti-aging are highly expensive and many people hardly afford them. Some of the products that are in the market these days might include Laser treatment and Injectable, which are very costly and for the treatment when you have to visit your beautician/aesthetician, your bank account will be hit hard. There is now a way to make your skin healthy again and that with the product which is better and could be used at home and that way is “micro-needling”. [Read more…]

Micro-needling as an anti-aging treatment

As we know aging means growing old or moving toward old age. The signs of aging comprises of many physical and psychological changes such as having cardiovascular problems, loss of weight, weakness of bones and joints, less efficient memory, eye sight and hearing problem, grey hair and skin problems. [Read more…]

Benefits of Microneedling

Micro-needling therapy is also known as a collagen induction therapy and percutaneous induction. [Read more…]

Understanding Microneedling

Innovative skin therapies are all the rage right now. We are constantly struggling for improving our skin in terms of texture and tone. There are several procedures available that work for improving skin. [Read more…]

Micro Needling – A New Noninvasive Skin Care Treatment

If you’re looking for noninvasive ways to cope with your acne scars, reduce fine lines and wrinkles or improve the appearance of stretch marks, you’ve probably come across the rapidly growing procedure called micro needling. [Read more…]

My first ever Aromatherapy Massage

We are all brought up to love some form of massage. As babies, we get massaged daily to help with our muscles, help us bond with our parents and even help with sore tummies. [Read more…]

My first Micro Current facial Experience

My whole life, I have been trying to protect my skin. I use products daily and have been since I was 12 years old. I then went on to study the skin and ways in which I can prevent premature aging, live age spots, sun damage and more. My favorite part of my body is my skin and how perfect my complexion is but the older we get, the more help we need to ensure that our skin’s stay smooth, young and rejuvenated. [Read more…]

Beautiful Skin at any Age

Maintaining a beautiful, healthy and blemish free skin is a huge challenge for some while to others it comes naturally. From teenage to young adults, skin problems such as oily nose, blotchy skin coloring, blemishes and acne are few of the problems which are commonly faced by girls. [Read more…]