Cellulite Busters: Microcurrent Treatment

Cellulite is unaesthetic in appeal, embarrassing, and gives rise to a multitude of problems related to it. Heavy and rigorous exercises, chemical creams are known to rid you of your cellulite but all these are associated with different side effects and are temporary in nature. The best way to take care of cellulite is through natural means.

Cellulite Busters
Exercise, proper diet, massages and use of natural creams and lotions have been advocated as a remedy for removing cellulite. All these are associated with one big disadvantage and that is these are temporary in nature. The latest to join this group of cellulite busters is Microcurrent treatment. Microcurrent is an effective, convenient, permanent, economical and safe way to remove those extra layers of fat. The Microcurrent technology is world class and FDA approved. Your body does not need to be subjected to painful exercise regimens but you can easily achieve the results obtained by a rigorous and prolonged exercise session.

What is the treatment like?
The body system utilizes conductive body pads with plates which are used to deliver specific frequencies on the body. The plates are provided with positive and negative pads which are placed on to specific and target muscle groups to obtain the desired results. Different pads are connected to different muscle groups and the intensity of current (which is given in very minute quantities) can be individually adjusted for each muscle group. The contraction period and resting length for each muscle group is preset before the initial therapy is commenced. The lower frequencies give more intense contractions.

How does it work?
You must be wondering how a therapy can work when you are not getting anything exercised, or incised with the help of a knife or radiation. Well that is the fun. Let me give you a simple insight into how a particular Microcurrent treatment session works to remove those extra layers of fat! Now we all know that during exercise we use up our store of energy (in the form of carbohydrates). When the resting period of the muscle comes, it takes up energy from the storage depots of fats and lipids in the body. The same happens with next round of rigorous exercise and gradually you can see the result in the form of fat loss.

The Microcurrent
During a typical Microcurrent session, when the current is applied it increases the production of cellular energy. The high intensity initial contractions ensure that the energy needed for glycolysis (break down of sugar) is used up quickly and when the glucose in the blood and the stored glycogen has been used up the body starts using stored fatty acid and then free fatty acid in the body. Therefore after every session you can feel considerably lighter and there is a visual change in the cellulite depots!

The frequency at which the current is delivered is 1000 to 1500 MHz the current is applied at the subcutaneous level that is just below the skin. Initially the current is given at high intensity which comes down to moderate level with time. The range over which a particular client is imparted current depends on his or her tolerance level.

The benefits of a Microcurrent treatment for cellulite
The Microcurrent burns the fat layer below the skin and also breaks up the scarred tissue. Thus it helps in the reduction of cellulite, removal of the scarred tissue and increase the elasticity of the skin. the Microcurrent treatment has shown excellent results in cases of clients who have undergone a C-section or surgery, cellulite and hanging skin resulting from extreme weight loss.

No pains only gains!
You do not have to actually go through an exercise session but the muscle contractions and the rest period that are caused are simulator of an exercise condition. It is actually bliss for people like me who hate going to the gym. The high intensity initial contractions use up the metabolic energy at a very fast rate while the moderate intensity increases the resting period. This is the best way to maximize energy used and efficiently burns the fat selectively.

No user bar!
All adult clients can get Microcurrent treatment for reducing cellulite as well as for toning the muscles. The younger clients need lesser Microcurrent sessions while older clients may need more number of maintenance and booster sessions. The treatment is equally efficacious for men and women alike.

A Microcurrent treatment is generally followed with regular application of an anti cellulite cream which can be massaged over to keep the muscles toned and healthy.

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