Microcurrent Facial

Aglow Microcurrent Facial

First time customers need to fill out an intake form and sign a waiver. This will be reviewed by our staff and if the information gathered is within our guidelines you will be given a pre-session consultation. Questions will be asked regarding your workout habits, exercise routines, eating habits and some background about your health history. This will help us to create a customized program for you that will include the following:

  • Determine which area of the face we need to work in the first session.
  • Intensity of the Microcurrent that will be used in your face and neck to achieve optimal result in short time.
  • Time interval of Microcurrent that will be passed in your face and neck.
  • Placement of Microcurrent probes in your face, eyes, and neck.

What to expect in Aglow Facial Rejuvenation?
The face will need to be cleaned and free of makeup and or lotions. Hair is pulled back as to avoid gel getting onto hair. Many of our clients will do facial treatments during a lunch hour and can simply reapply make up and return to work. We will recommend taking picture of your face before the session to compare the results with photos taken after the session.

You will comfortably lie back and a warm cloth applied to your face. Thus opening your pores and making a more receptive environment for the Aglow Facial session. We will treat you to a very relaxing micro current facial with a soft music. A skilled technician will place the microcurrent probes on your jaws, neck, forehead, and eyes alternatively to start the Microcurrent Facial session. A detailed and explicit explanation will ensue your comfort. This includes an outline of what the treatment will be like and what you may expect to feel and experience during the treatment.

After the initial session itself you will look younger and feel refreshed.

For more info on how Microcurrent is used in Aglow Facial visit.