Fight Your Wrinkles the Natural Way

Have you been looking at the mirror a bit more often than usual? Are you trying to frantically trying not to see the tell-tale signs of aging? Do you feel that the stress of your life is taking its toll on your face? Well you may answer yes to all the above. But don’t be disheartened. Here are some facts that will definitely make you feel better!

natural wrinkle reduction
Why do wrinkles appear?
First of all let’s get some of the facts cleared up:

  •   Wrinkles are an inevitable part of the process of aging!
  •   Some wrinkles appear untimely due to sun damage, facial expressions, dehydration, smoking, use of certain pharmaceutical drugs etc.
  •   Genetics also plays also plays some role in the time and site of the appearance of wrinkles.
  •   As the skin ages, the cells growth reduces, making the dermis layer very thin and making skin vulnerable to injuries and damages. There is a resultant decrease in the amount of elastin fibers and collagen on the skin. The skin loses its elasticity, making it saggy and furrowed.
  •   The oil secreting glands of the skin shrink and skin loses its ability to retain moisture.

Is there any cure for wrinkles?
Yes, there are various therapeutic methods for correction of wrinkles and skin rejuvenation such as botulinum toxins injections (BOTOX), mesotherapy, microscopic polishing of the skin, chemical and laser peeling of the skin, surgical face lift, fat transplantation in the cheeks, cheek bones and skin. Even though they have visible benefits, but all these therapies are temporary in nature, require a downtime and are associated with various side effects. A few of these treatment modules are painful in nature and hamper the day to day activity of the patient.

Treating wrinkles the natural way!
I believe that the best path to a health, glowing and radiant skin is keeping it natural as far as possible. Cosmetics and other chemicals may bring some results by producing a superficial effect but what happens inside is what keeps your skin healthy. The best way to achieve this is keeping your skin naturally healthy through diet, exercise, and maintaining the natural physiology of the skin. The best thing about all the above therapies is that they do not use foreign materials or harmful chemicals on the skin thus maintain the natural vigor of the skin.

According to Ayurveda, wrinkles appear as a result of aggravation of Vata doshas. Ayurveda has laid down many natural treatment therapies for wrinkles utilizing different massage therapies, washing and massaging the skin with oil, rubbing in different herbs topically and use of organic fruits, juices and foods. All these therapies do not have any side effects but the effects are short lived and require repeat therapies. See the comparison of different therapies for face lift and body lift.

An ancient Chinese healing method puts pressure on different body parts through massage to relieve the body from various ailments, pains and aches. According to this traditional medicine system, there are about 800 vital points of energy which can be manipulated to produce a specific therapeutic effect on a body part. It is completely devoid of any side effects or discomfort during therapy. Instead, it relieves stress, burn outs and exhaustion while providing relief from facial blemishes, poor complexion, sagging cheeks. It strengthens and tones the muscle, improves circulation and enhances the luster and overall appearance of the face.

Microcurrent is a natural non-surgical facelift. It is completely natural therapy with no side effects and long lasting visible effects on the skin. Microcurrent mimics body’s electrical system and produces physiological effects such as production of energy (in the form of Adenosine Tri Phosphate) by almost 500%, increases the amount of collagen and elastin and stimulates the circulation of blood, lymph and oxygen in the body. By the revamping of the body system Microcurrent therapy can successfully rejuvenate the facial skin and remove the wrinkles and the fine lines. It is a 100% natural technique to rejuvenate the skin and remove the fine lines and wrinkles, so much so that you can expect compliments right after the first therapy session.

Home remedies
Unlike surgical, invasive or other therapeutic treatments where there are a lot of restrictions regarding use of face packs, going out in the sun or even the down time needed, with the above natural therapies you can enhance, improve and maintain the fresh and rejuvenated look by different tried and tested home remedies. Stay glued to our upcoming series of articles where we will give you a delightful insight into the different home remedies which are completely compatible with all Aglow Services.

Eat good, work hard
Least but NOT the last, a healthy diet and exercise regimen (aerobics, yoga, meditation, an hour spent at the gym, it’s your call!) is what keeps your skin glowing, prevents the wrinkles and helps you in combating the age old signs of aging!

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