Five Beauty Routines for Brides

Every bride wants to look her best on her wedding day. We want the perfect hair style, let’s not forget about the shoes and most importantly the perfect dress that will make you look like the queen of the day.

Beauty Routines for Brides

To top it all off you need to have the perfect skin to complement all the other elements of your day and this article will help you achieve the perfect, glowing skin.

Back to Basics
You need to start off slowly and start at home. At least 18 months before your wedding day, you need to have a full skin routine that you do daily. This will help stimulate blood flow in your skin which will result in a healthy looking skin. It will also allow your skin to fight off free radicals which damage your skin and causes premature aging and other conditions.

Cleanser: you need to use this twice a day. People with an oiler skin tend to prefer a cleanser that is gel whereas dry skin tends to prefer a cream. You need to just find the perfect cleanser that is not only for your skin type but also feels nice on your skin.

Toner: this step is very important and often forgotten. You need to tone your skin so that your pores close and tighten. This will help prevent your skin from getting imperfections.

You need to nourish your skin daily. Use a day cream during the day and a night cream during the night. If you do not like to feel of something thick on your skin or you feel like the moisturizer just makes your skin oilier, you need to use a lighter cream. Your skin needs to stay soft in order for you to achieve the glowing skin. You do not want to have your making flaking off your skin because it is dry.

An eye cream can also be used daily. It will help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles as well as help get rid of the dark circles under your eyes. Fun fact: if you place pieces of raw potato onto your eyes, it will also help reduce the appearance of the dark circles under your eyes.

Exfoliate: This step is vital! You need to exfoliate your skin at least twice a week. This will get rid of all the dead skin cells that you do not need to get stuck in your pores and cause blackheads. Pay careful attention to your nose and jaw line.

There are two types of exfoliators you can fine. First there is an enzyme exfoliator. This will be best for people will dry and reactive skins. It is gentler on the skin. Then you get a granular exfoliator. This is an exfoliator with granules or micro balls in them. It is best for your tougher and oiler skins.

Mask: use a deep cleansing mask twice a week. This will help your skin get rid of all the unwanted imperfections that is clogging up your pores. Leave the mask on for twenty minutes and remove. If you start to feel a burning sensation, remove the mask with cold water right away and do not use that mask again. Keep in mind that you might feel your skin tingling. This is a normal feeling and it means that the active ingredients are working.

SPF: I cannot stress this step enough. You need to be wearing an SPF every single day of your life. Most make-up products today have one already in it however if yours does not, mix some in with your moisturiser before placing it onto your skin. This will not only stop you from getting burnt but will also prevent damage to your skin which will be present later on in life.

Vitamins a day will keep the imperfections away
Our bodies need a specific amount of vitamins and minerals a day in order for your body to look and feel the way that it is supposed to. This includes our skins.
Vitamin A: this vitamin helps your skin’s immunity and helps keep the imperfections away. It is an anti-oxidant which means that it helps your skin fight off all the things that are in our atmosphere that damages our skin and causes long term damage. Ask your therapist about skincare products that contain Vitamin A. This is the quickest and easiest way for you to ensure that your skin is getting the vitamin. Keep in mind that it is a strong ingredient and you need to start off slowly and build your skin tolerance up.

Vitamin E: the main function of this vitamin is to protect your skin from the harmful UV rays the sun gives off. It boosts your skin’s support system and creates a barrier of protection. Vitamin E can be found in tablet form or in your nuts and seeds such as walnuts, sesame seeds and almonds.

Vitamin C: we all know that when we are sick, Vitamin C helps boost our immune system and helps us get better quicker. It does the same for our skins. Vitamin C will help boost your skin’s immunity to free radicals.

Taking these 3 vitamins together will help ensure that your skin is healthy and strong and withstand the harsh conditions of our climate. It also helps your skin reduce the inflammation that may be happening due to stress or medication.
Peels all the way

People are often scared of chemical peels because they hear all the horror stories of skin burning and scaring. If you go to a trained professional who knows that they are doing, then a peel is one of the best gifts you can ever give your skin.
It is a mild form of acid that is placed onto your skin and will help your skin shed all the dead skin cells that are causing blockages in your skin. You may have a bit of a red skin after but the redness does go away and you are left with soft, imperfection free skin.

It is best to start with these peels in winter as the heat can often irritate your skin which makes the redness last longer. Please listen to the homecare advice your therapist gives you after your treatment. It is important that you follow each and every step to ensure the best results.

The treatment is not complete without Micro-needling. For some people it might be scary but it is a non invasive treatment that can help your skin boost collagen and elastin production that will help your skin look younger and healthier. After your first treatment, you will be addicted to the results.

Don’t forget your body
It is all very well you having amazing skin on your face but you also need to have amazing skin on your entire body. Wash your body daily using a luffer. This will help exfoliate your body while you wash.

Use a body exfoliator at least twice a week. Don’t forget to exfoliate your feet, knees and elbows. They are all present in photos at least once and you do not want to have dry skin.

Use body butter daily. The body butter is a lot thicker than a normal cream which will nourish your skin more than a normal body lotion will.

You need to learn that it is ok to relax before your wedding. Stress is not good for your body in any shape or form. Go for regular massages to help relax your body as well as help improve your blood flow. This will help make your skin look healthy and help make sure that your body is getting rid of any unwanted toxins.

Manis and pedis are a must
Not only will these treatments help you feel good about yourself and proud to show off your gorgeous ring but it also serves a purpose.

You are on your feet every single day of your life. Your feet carry your body and it is very important that you look after them. Go for a treatment at least once a month and exfoliate your feet twice a week. This will leave them feel soft and smooth and your feet will look even better in your shoes.

A mani should be done once every two weeks. This will help shape your nails in a way that will complement your ring as well as making shaking hands with all your guests a more pleasant experience.

Soft hands and feet is your final stage to your beauty package when it comes to your skin and body.

Follow these five easy routines and your skin will be looking and feeling better than ever. Once you start with these routines, you will not want to stop and your skin will be looking young and rejuvenated till the end of time.

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