Five tips to get that curvaceous body

All of us are obsessed with having a slim and well-trimmed figure and are ready to go to any extent to achieve that. Thanks to an extensive media entry into our homes and lives, we have become much more conscious about how we look. But, a twist to the story is that herbalists and the dietitians all over the world believe that more than a slim body, a fit body is more essential to a healthy living.

curvaceous body
A natural and organic life style is in vogue these days not only as a trend but also because its benefits speak volumes for itself. Leading this ‘green’ lifestyle can easily detoxify your body, cut out on the extra fat and make you look healthy, radiant and fit. This article gives you a bird’s eye view of some of the natural measures that you can take to become fit.

Eat a little slower, not little less
Experts are of the view that ‘fast eating syndrome’ is a problem which will not help you in preventing the addition of extra pounds on your body. It is a proven fact that individuals who eat slowly have fuller tummies for longer periods of time, consumes lesser calories and increase the response of hormones in the body which makes it to feel more satisfied.

Eat your food in a relaxed way to avoid any stress so that your digestion is improved and weight loss is facilitated.

Eat at proper times, not just proper food
Ayurveda says that eating too many small meals or taking snacks between proper meals does not give body the time to metabolize it properly and hence lose weight. As per Ayurveda, three meals including breakfast, lunch and supper with no snacks in between is sufficient to provide you energy to help you glide through the day. Having lesser and controlled meals allows the body to have sufficient time to metabolize the food and hence helps in preventing the accumulation of fat. Those who eat frequent snacks accumulate larger amounts of calories which the body finds difficult to metabolize.

In case a fit body is your goal, then skipping meals should not be on your plate. Science has linked obesity with skipped breakfast. Another important fact is to load all your meals with a variety of healthy foods. According to Ayurveda it is essential to have larger portions of food during lunch times as it is the best time for the body to digest large portions of food easily. This also helps in reducing the craving for snacks or sugar in the late afternoon and curbs the risk of eating larger portions at dinnertime.

Soup is a daily must
Did you know that the word supper was derived from soup and supplemental. Hence, a light meal like soup should be taken daily in the evening. The best time to have soup is early in the evening to allow for digestion before it is sleep time and hence prevent adding up of pounds in your body. Consumption of a large lunch along with a light evening meal such as a soup will work very well in achieving large targets of weight loss.

According to research, soup plays an essential role in improving the satiety after its consumption. This allows for the consumption of lesser calories and hence enhancing the weight loss. It is said that large amount of water content of the soup acts as a food for the body and hence lesser calories are absorbed when one has soup for supper.

Clear vegetable and chicken soups should be preferred for weight loss diets and rich soups with cream should be avoided. It is preferable to eat about 150 calories for women and 200 calories for men with intake of soup.

Sugar check even if you are not diabetic
In present day health scenario, it is important that a check on your sugar level is done regularly. The fat which accumulates around your belly is studied to be much more sensitive to insulin and stress and hence increases the chance of diabetes in those who have high sugar levels. As per latest research trend, blood sugar levels in the morning without eating anything should fall between 70-85 mg/dL. The concern with high blood sugar is that it causes the insulin to bring down the blood sugar level below normal range which makes the body feeling hungrier and hence paves path for consumption of more calories thus increasing weight. It is important to avoid sugar present in simple carbohydrates, hidden forms of sugar present in processed foods, sugar in beverages, fat free products, cereals and table sugar. You should also ensure that if a product claims that it has no sugar added from outside, does it have enough natural sugars to increase the sugar content of the product.

Dietary fibers have a power in helping weight loss
Taking in dietary fibers has been touted to be one of the most effective ways to lese extra weight because it helps in making you feel full and hence reduces hunger. Hence, a healthy dose of fibers in your diet makes you feel full by resisting the urge to eat more food and they also take a longer time to chew and hence signal your brain that you have had enough to eat. This prevents extra amounts of calories going inside the body.

High fiber and water rich foods such as broth based vegetable soups, salads, fruits, and vegetables are known to be effective in allowing for calorie loss because you can have the same weight of food but with fewer calories.

A research study has shown that people eating an apple before their lunch eat 15% lesser calories when compared with those who consumed applesauce or drank apple juice. This is due to the fiber present in the apples which makes you feel fuller. Whole fiber or whole fruit also makes you crunch and chew the food which stimulates your senses, takes a longer time to eat and hence is more filling in nature than when compared with juice of the same thing.  Added to this, chewing promotes salivation which releases stomach juices which again fill the stomach.

These are some of the things which you can incorporate in your daily lifestyle easily without making extra effort. Hence, try following these easy ways to promote your health and  gain a fit body.

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