Get a golden glow with Turmeric

Turmeric, the golden herb has been blessed with various health benefits. It is a very effective remedy for the treatment of cardiovascular diseases; prevention of cancer and immunomodulator agent but it is also good for the skin. It is effective against skin damage and aging of mature skin and is also used as a cure for different skin problems or diseases.

Turmeric promotes blood circulation and healthy liver functions which lead to a radiant, supple skin.

What makes turmeric work?
The chemicals present in turmeric are curcumin, essential oils, alkaloids and protein. The bright yellow color of turmeric is due to the curcuminoids which is the most active constituent of turmeric. The constituents of turmeric provide it anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and antioxidant activities which makes it very beneficial in skin care. Curcumin is at par with Vitamins C and E when its antioxidant properties are considered.

Flavonoids are also present in turmeric along with sugars, proteins and resins.

Turmeric in Ayurveda
Turmeric has been documented to be a highly efficient treatment for various skin diseases such as pain and inflammation associated with acne, skin rashes and warts. Studies have reported that turmeric based creams are effective for treating fewer blisters or burns on the skin. Turmeric is also protective against the effect of various chemicals and environmental pollutants causing skin damage.

Skin care with turmeric
Turmeric promotes blood circulation and healthy liver functions which lead to a radiant, supple skin. Popular as “skin food” in India for many years, turmeric has many benefits on the normal as well as aging skin. It helps your skin in,

  • Cleaning your skin and restore and sustain the elasticity of the skin
  • It is nourishing for the skin
  • Turmeric helps in balancing the microbial flora of the skin and gut

The antioxidant properties of turmeric give an added protection for the aging, mature skin. It helps in preventing the signs of aging. The antioxidant property of turmeric makes it a good choice for preventing premature aging. Turmeric’s anti-inflammatory action is also responsible for its benefits in skin care.

Turmeric also has the ability to improve digestion and eliminate toxic waste from the liver thereby purifying blood and improving the texture and appearance of the skin. The volatile oils and curcumin of turmeric are also very efficient when used topically to counteract inflammation and irritation due to skin allergies and problems. Research studies have shown that the turmeric extract and the essential oils are also known to inhibit the growth of a large number of bacteria, parasites and pathogenic fungi.

The natural blends of chemicals obtained from turmeric have superior properties of removing the free radical and inhibits the peroxidation of lipids. As part of skin care products, turmeric is an effective skin lightening agent. It is extremely safe for topical use and does not cause any irritant or sensitization side effects. It is an effective antioxidant protection and has a “bio protectant” nature. Skin products containing turmeric are also very effective in protecting the cells of the skin from damage by ultra violet radiation and the resultant inflammation and injury with overall effects on general well-being and overall health. Curcuminoids from turmeric are reported in research studies to protect normal human keratinocytes in studies. It offers protection to the skin and is a functional antioxidant in the topical skin preparations. Curcumin has also shown an immense potential for the treatment of skin disorders like psoriasis ad in the treatment of wounds.

Home remedies for a flawless skin
Turmeric has many skin benefits and is used for numerous skin care therapies including wrinkle treatment, exfoliating agent, acne treatment, for healing stretch marks, burns, cracks and heels. Certain home remedies including turmeric are;
Exfoliating agent
Make a mixture of gram flour and turmeric powder and prepare paste by adding adequate water or raw milk or yoghurt. Apply it on your face (and body), massage in circular motion and wash it off with tepid water.
Wrinkle treatment
Mix raw milk, tomato juice, rice powder and turmeric powder and apply the resulting paste on face. Leave it for 15 to 20 minutes or till it dries off and then wash off with water.
Make a paste of turmeric powder with buttermilk and sugarcane juice and apply on dark circles and face to treat wrinkles and dark circles.
Make a paste of honey and turmeric powder and apply on neck and face to open the clogged pores and exfoliate skin.
Turmeric is an effective and excellent remedy to keep the oil and sebum secretion in check.
Add a few drops of water and lemon juice to turmeric powder. Apply this paste on acne affected area and leave it for about 5 minutes, wash it off with water. Turmeric and water paste is good for acne scars.
A paste of turmeric and sandalwood can also be used as a face pack for acne. Apply it on face, leave for 10 minutes and then wash it off with water. A paste of turmeric and sandalwood powder with orange juice when applied on face and washed off after 10 minutes is an excellent remedy to control oil secretion.
Stretch marks
Gram flour and turmeric in yoghurt or raw milk is an effective remedy for lightening the stretch marks.
Turmeric is endowed with antiseptic properties and a mixture of turmeric powder with Aloe Vera gel is very good for burns and heals the wounds in very less time.
Facial hair
Chickpea flour or gram flour and turmeric paste is used as a facial scrub to stop the hair growth. The results will appear after a long term use of this treatment.
Cracked heels
A mixture of coconut oil or castor oil and turmeric powder when applied on cracked heels is a very effective method of healing cracked heels.
Turmeric based face packs for different skin types
Face pack for oily skin
This is an excellent remedy for a radiant and glowing skin. Make a paste of Fuller’s earth, orange peel powder, sandalwood powder and turmeric in rose water and apply it on face. Massage using circular motions when the paste is half dry and then wash it off using normal water.
Face pack for dry skin
This pack is an excellent remedy for moisturizing skin resulting in radiant, glowing skin. Take 3 to 4 tea spoons full of wheat bran, 1 tea spoon full of almond powder, egg yolk, honey, yoghurt and turmeric to make a thick paste. Apply on face, leave till it dries and then wash off with tepid warm water. For best results, this pack should be used once or twice a week.
Face pack for normal skin
Take 2 tea spoons full of honey, 2-3 tea spoons full of raw milk, 1 tea spoon full rose water, and turmeric. Apply this on face and leave for 20 minutes and then wash it off with water. This pack helps the normal skin in retaining moisture and look supple and radiant.


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