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Blemishes are actually spots, lines or discoloration on the skin, especially on the face, which looks odd and gives a bad impression. Blemishes can be formed due to many reasons and they are of many types. Blemish could be due to birthmark, could be due to acne.

blemishes home remedies

In addition blemishes may be caused due to sun, dust, oily skin or any such reason, and blemishes can be age spots or uneven skin tone. No matter of what type the blemishes are, they always look awful and unpleasant on the face. Uneven skin tone is like having some spots on the skin with a slightly different color tone, and such skins give very rough and odd looks.

The most common blemishes are due to acne, which may be caused due to a number of reasons and they form readily, and sometimes they left their marks on the skin even after disappearing from the skin. They are like small pimples, black and whiteheads, small raised pustules filled with watery fluid and sometimes with blood. Most of the times, people have this acne problem in their puberty due to hormonal changing, and one can get rid of them by cleansing their pores and taking great care of their hygienic conditions. But if the acne problem gets severe, then one may need some prescription from skin specialists for a proper treatment of getting rid of these things.

Scars may be caused due to wounds or injuries and can disappear over time using skin oil massages, but these kind of scars are different kind of skin condition as compared to blemishes. Blemishes are commonly due to hormonal imbalances and sometimes, are the age spots. Blemishes may be caused due to several years of sun exposure and could be found in older people as well as young people and mostly treated with skin-bleaching creams.

Home remedies for blemishes:
Blemishes can cause allergy or itching of the face, as they usually form on the face skin. But itching can cause more severe problems. Although there are many medical ways to treat such blemishes but of course there is nothing better than the natural remedies, which can treat such problems. There are some natural remedies to get rid of blemishes at home:

  • Cucumber juice, tomato juice and lemon juice are considered as the best home remedies for preventing the face skin from blemishes.
  • Lemon juice and tomato juice together are also very good to apply on the skin for blemishes.
  • Mixture of sandalwood powder and water is the best to apply and to protect the skin from blemishes.
  • Carrot juice is very good for the skin and blemishes. Carrots can also be boiled and mashed thoroughly and then apply this on the face, and after about twenty minutes, rinse it off with milk, and it will cure blemishes to a greater extent.
  • Honey, rose and lemon juices, taken in equal amounts and paste of these home remedies is applied on the face as mask, and after about 30 minutes risne it off with a warm water. It is considered as the most effective home remedy for the blemishes.
  • Mashed green papaya could be applied on the skin, which is the easiest and most effective remedy for blemishes.
  • Mix rose water and yogurt in the powdered lemon and dried orange peels, and apply it on the skin, and it will also give the best result for curing blemishes.

All these home remedies and many other remedies are there, which could help in curing and protecting the skin from all types of blemishes. One can apply these home remedies at home, which is an easy and effective way to get rid of all such blemishes. These are simple tips and remedies, which can make a person beautiful and attractive by having a smooth, beautiful and blemishes free skin. There is no doubt that blemishes can ruin the beauty of a person, especially when occurred on the face, thus they should be treated and one should be careful about the skin protection from all such things.

Other precautions:
Home remedies are the second steps in making skin clean and beautiful, the first thing is to protect oneself from sun, dust and all such factors, which may be a cause of blemishes, but if you are having blemishes still after the precautions then these home remedies are the best cures for getting back that beautiful and clean skin.

Diet precautions are also very necessary in treating and curing these blemishes. Nutritious and healthy diet should be taken, and oily things should be avoided. Especially those persons, who get these blemishes very quickly, should not eat oily foods, because this is one main reason behind causing these blemishes and acne on the face of the person.

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