Get healthy skin naturally with the essence of wild roses

With the increasing popularity of the natural and herbal cosmetic products, the skin creams and lotions are flooding the market. It becomes imperative to know the contents of your selected products and the effects its use will leave on your skin.

Wild roses are very common and popular flowers used in beauty products. Wild roses are blessed with the nutrition of many phytochemicals making them an important ingredient in a plethora of cosmetics. The bioactive chemicals present in rose have made it a useful choice in a number of skin care products.

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What makes wild roses work?
The parts of the wild roses used are flowers, rose hips and petals. The constituents which provide the activity to the wild roses are a number of important phytochemicals. The high nutritional content of wild roses comprise of fats especially omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, sugars especially fructose and glucose, proteins and carbohydrates. The vitamins present in wild roses are tocopherols (Vitamin A), Ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) and beta-carotene (Vitamin B). Lycopene are also present in wild roses.

The seeds of the rosehip are composed of 77% fatty acids. It has a high content of linoleic acid and linolenic acids and Vitamin A and is considered to be extremely beneficial for healthy hair and skin. The essential fatty acids found in wild roses are absorbed through the skin and through a series of physiological mechanism helps in the cell membranes and regeneration of tissues.

Wild roses have antioxidant properties which are helpful in protecting the skin from effects of aging. The chemical constituents of wild roses are effective in scavenging the free radicals, and also inhibit the peroxidation of lipids.

The benefits of wild roses on skin
Extracts of wild rose and rose hips act as cleanser, gentle exfoliant and provide hydration to the skin. It also enriches skin with nutrition. When used as an elixir, it nourishes the skin and leaves a radiant and healthy glow on the skin. Extracts and cosmetic products of wild rose are not only luxuriously nourishing but also enhance the elasticity of the skin, and rejuvenate the sensitive skin. They are absolutely safe to be used on the skin.

As one of the richest sources of Vitamin C, oil from wild roses are used in skin repair, in firming and smoothening the skin. The essential oils from wild rose have been proven for its efficacy in treating and rectifying facial scarring, acne marks, deep wrinkles, damage due to ultraviolet rays of the sun, Radiation damage, burn scars or marks, surgical scars, premature aging, dermatitis and several other skin related problems. Regular application of rose hip seed oil can completely remove the wrinkles and spots due to overexposure of facial skin to sun. It is also effective in providing skin a fresher and healthier look. Wild rose.

The constituents of rose oil are also helpful in the prevention of premature aging and aids in healing, moisturizing mature skin and also assists in preventing the formation of scar tissue. Various skin related conditions such as dermatitis, age spots, brittle nails, hyper pigmentation, and dry and damaged hair. The biggest advantage of using wild roses as cosmetics is that the essential oil from wild rose is perfectly safe, inexpensive and effective.
The wild rose oil has been cited to be “Elixir of youth” ad has various advantages in skin care;

  1. It is a strong moisturizer for all types of complexion inclusive of sensitive and dry skin
  2. Reduces wrinkles, fine lines, surgical and dermal scars, aging spots and stretch marks
  3. Repair the damaged skin, burns and sunburns
  4. It maintains the nutrient and fluid balance of the skin
  5. It revitalizes the skin
  6. It protects the skin from environmental pollutants and toxins

Role of wild roses in cosmetic products
Wild roses in face masks works towards providing skin with hydration, smoothing and regenerating effect along with providing nourishment and improving the elasticity of the skin. Wild roses are also a part of various hand cream formulations to provide moisture and protection of the mature skin of the hand. Wild rose oil is also an ingredient of body oil used in aromatherapy to heal and improve the imperfections of the skin.

The daily use of pure wild rose oil or as an ingredient of rose oil, creams, lotions and other cosmetic preparations helps in nurturing and regenerating the skin, maintains the youthfulness and suppleness of the skin. Wild rose oil in cosmetic preparations helps in fighting the various signs of aging, stimulates the regeneration and improves the texture and quality of the skin. It has been recommended for various dermatological and cosmetic problems including of;

  1. Wrinkles and fine lines
  2. Stretch marks and aging spots
  3. Damaged or dehydrated skin
  4. Sunburn
  5. Burns and scars
  6. Acne, rosacea, eczema or psoriasis

There is a complete line of anti-aging and regenerative skin care products which have wild rose extract or oil as one of its components.
Wild rose is not only effective in tackling skin problems but also takes skin care by providing vitamins and nutrients required for health and beauty. Daily use of products containing wild rose is the surest way of providing daily skin care.


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