Get noticed through VIBHAlife Microcurrent sessions!

Every client is important to us and we are thrilled every time we see a client moving out of our doors with a smile pasted on their faces.

Barb Hoops
Barb Hoops-Aglow Customer

Barb Hoops spoke to Patti after her sessions and was highly appreciative of our services. Well, your satisfaction and positive results are exactly what we are looking for! Who doesn’t love it when your husband starts noticing your appearance after long years of married life? So when Barb Hoops was complimented by her hubby, “You look better now than when you were working out every day,” she came beaming to thank us.

We believe in completely natural therapies, zero side effects and no downtime! And that is exactly what brought Barb to Patti and VIBHAlife. She has been a client of Patti for the last two years and has been coming to VIBHAlife ever since our opening weekend. Barb Hoops has enormous faith in us and loves our natural treatments.

Barb comes for Microcurrent body sculpting twice a week. She is also our regular visitor for Microcurrent facials. According to her the greatest attraction for her in VIBHAlife is the sculpting of her lower body and relief from pain.

All of us at VIBHAlife try to be extremely helpful and understanding with our clients. We have created an ambiance which is clear, pristine and livening. Patti is extremely professional, and her expertise in Microcurrent technique is great and she does the therapy sessions with great ease and with a comforting and relaxing way.

Barb has been suffering from bursitis. Our treatments have helped her in alleviating the pain in her hips and thighs. It has also facilitated her mobility and reduced pain especially in the mornings. The reduction in pain is accompanied with reduction in her size as well especially in the waist and hips which is an added benefit.

The Microcurrent facial are also bringing out great results for her. She says that her skin feels amazing after each therapy. She has become the owner of a youthful, tight skin and the elasticity and tonicity of her facial muscles has also improved a lot.

She asked us how to thank us? Well what better than her pleasure and relieved smile.

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