Get rid of stress with the aroma of Rosemary oil

An ever increasing number of clinical trials and in vivo and in vitro research studies have provided a definitive evidence of the role played by aromatic oils in psychological interventions.

Rosemary oil
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Aromatherapy has been proven to provide potentially effective treatment for a range of psychiatric disorders. When the essential oils are inhaled or massaged onto the skin, they enter the blood circulation and bring about positive effects in different psychological conditions. Ranging from pain, depression, anxiety, thinking disorders, sleeplessness and many disorders related to stress are known to be corrected by the use of aromatherapy.

Completely natural, 100% safe, effective, without any side effects and with an extremely affordable price, the use of essential oils in relieving the distressing neurological problems has been carried out for over 5000 years. Rosemary oil is an essential oil which can be obtained from the plant commonly found in every household in many parts of the world. It has been known to have profound medicinal, cosmetic and neurological effects in both traditional and the modern medicine.

Rosemary oil
Rosemary is (Rosemary officinalis Linn) is an evergreen branched bushy shrub, with whitish blue flowers and dark green leaves. The glands which have the aromatic oils of rosemary are present on the leaves of the plant. Popular as “Dew of the sea” Rosemary is a cult plant finding its use in weddings, cradle of new born babies and between the leaves of a book. The oil is the concentrated steam distillate of the fresh leaves and flowering tops of the rosemary plant. The chemicals that have been isolated and extracted from the plant are known to possess many pharmacological properties affecting many organ systems in the body. Some of these uses are stimulation of central nervous system, enhanced blood circulation, relaxation of the smooth muscles by inhibiting contractions, protection of liver, acts against tumors and prevents infection of mycobacterium. Rosemary oil finds a widespread use in aromatherapy and cosmetic industry as a stress reliever and skin rejuvenator.

Aromatherapy and Rosemary oil

While being used in aromatherapy, the Rosemary oil can enter the blood stream via inhalation of the vapor, lotion or compression given during oil bath or oil massage. Upon entering the blood stream the rosemary oil exert its neurological effects. It has also been reported in research studies that rosemary oil exerts its effect on brain waves thereby altering behavior. Most if the effect of the oil is sent through the brain via the olfactory system. Rosemary oil also has an antimicrobial and antioxidant effect on many tissues of the body.

Stress and Rosemary oil

Stress is the major problem in today’s world affecting quality of life, appearance of skin and body and mental activity. Massage, nice aroma combined with soothing environment, an aromatherapy with rosemary oil alone or in combination with other aromatic oils has been known to encourage the healing process mainly through relaxation and the relief of stress. On its passage from the nose to the center of the brain, rosemary is effective in combating anxiety, depression, fatigue and stress. The client range may include from elderly to youngsters, from housewives to those living under constant professional pressure such as nurses, doctors, corporate professionals, lawyers and even students. The essential oil in rosemary forms an essential component of most of the massage oils as it is known to help sore muscles, relieve headache and stimulate the central nervous system, respiration and locomotor activity. Rosemary oil also reduces inflammation and pain of joints.

Rosemary oil in beauty and rejuvenation
Rosemary oil bath or massage can improve circulation and stimulates the skin. Rosemary oil has been used as a skin toner in skin rejuvenation. It is an important ingredient of beauty tonics. When applied on skin, it can strengthen the capillary. Essentially rejuvenating oil, rosemary has also been used in fragrances, hair shampoos and conditioners for aroma and for its antidandruff effect, prevention of premature greying of hair and hair loss. Popular home uses of rosemary oil include its use in potpourri oil and adding a few drops of rosemary oil to hair for a delightfully aromatic smell. Rosemary oil is a powerful natural antioxidant for skin proven to be even better than its chemically synthesized counterparts. Rosemary oil is also an essential ingredient of many skin moisturizers.
With the supportive evidence of its therapeutic benefits along with the track record of successful use in traditional medicine system, Rosemary cannot be ignored. An important oil used in aromatherapy as a major stress reliever, antioxidant and skin tonic, Rosemary oil holds a promising future in skin and body rejuvenations.

A word of caution
Generally, the aromatic or essential oils are safe and beneficial to use but these are botanical extracts which may be in concentrated form and hence some caution with their use should always be observed.
– They should not be used internally.
– Before applying to the skin, they should be diluted with a carrier. These carriers may either be a fatty oil or water.
– Avoid the contact of essential oils with skin or mucus membranes.
– Any citrus oil should not be used before exposure to UV rays of sun.
– Until and unless clinically established, the essential oils should not be used in infants, children, pregnant women or elderly.
-The essential oils and their carriers should be properly stored to avoid rancidity or degradation.

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