Get that glow naturally during pregnancy

Most of the women experience skin changes during pregnancy. The changes also occur in hair and nails. Most of the changes are temporary in nature and go away after pregnancy. The different changes observed in skin are stretch marks, brownish or yellowish patches around the eyes or over their cheeks and nose, dark line on the middle of their lower abdomen, and changes in the texture of hair and nail.

glow during pregnancy

Take care
Most of us take care of what we eat and drink during our pregnancy. We are cautious about the well-being of the growing baby and their own health. But it is important to realise that whatever we use to apply on the skin is also equally important. What comes in direct contact with skin is of vital significance as it may cross the skin barrier and reach the foetus.

Is it safe?
It is important to consider what is safe for use during pregnancy and what is not. Certain topical products have the ability of being absorbed into the skin and can enter the bloodstream thus causing harm to the mother and the baby.
If the skin care product is targeted, then you have to be careful about the skin care regimen that is completely safe for the baby. Chemical and synthetic products such as retinoid, salicylic acid, and soy are best to be avoided during pregnancy.

Acne and pregnancy
The most common skin problem you face during pregnancy is acne especially in the area close to your mouth and chin. The problem of acne persists even after pregnancy in certain cases and most of the commonly used preparations are not safe to be used during pregnancy. Natural products such as those containing glycolic acid or alpha hydroxyl acids can be used.

You can use natural skin cosmetics, foundation for oily skin or loose powder mineral make up as they can absorb the excessive oil from the skin and do not cause any skin irritation. You can use blotting powder to remove the excess oil present on the skin.
Regular deep cleansing facials with natural herbal products can maintain a flawless complexion during pregnancy. This creates a clean and clear skin.

Pregnancy mask and pigmentation
American Academy of Dermatology has suggested that excessive exposure to sunlight should be avoided to prevent the appearance of dark patches around different regions on the skin. Use herbal sunscreen every time you go out. Always choose sunscreen with proper SPF factor.
A vitamin C product can also be applied for the cure of skin pigmentation.

Stretch marks in pregnancy
Use of a natural exfoliant every day or at least 4 times in a week can help in reducing stretch marks. Use of natural products such as shea butter and cocoa butter is also helpful in creating a soft skin with a visibly radiant glow on the skin. LED light therapy is also beneficial in reducing stretch marks post- delivery.

Some natural products great for skin during pregnancy
Vitamin E
Vitamin E is natural oil which has proven to be of great use in soothing and hydrating the skin cells and leaves a healthy and glowing skin behind. When used along with a moisturizer such as shea butter or aloe vera, Vitamin E oil gives deep nourishment to the skin, keep the skin moisturized and make it healthy. When Vitamin E oil is used along with the natural moisturizers it not only promotes hydration but their antioxidant action also works in reducing the signs of aging.

Keep your system clean and hydrated by drinking at least 8 glasses of water in a day. Well-hydrated skin looks healthy and radiant. Extra water intake leads to the sheen and pregnancy glow. Water also keeps gum clean preventing bacterial infection.

Cocoa butter
Cocoa butter has proven to be a good remedy for the stretch marks during pregnancy. Regular application of Vitamin E and cocoa butter can not only prevent stretch marks but it also helps in keeping the skin hydrated and healthy. Cocoa butter is also effective in reducing stretch marks post pregnancy and improves and enhances the elasticity of the skin and firms up the post pregnancy stomach.

Eat healthy
Aglowalways recommends heathy diet and regular exercise as in a healthy body will reside a healthy skin. Select a diet which is rich in antioxidants, and is completely packed with nourishment to destroy free radicals and promote healthy skin. Along with diet and exercise, add regular professional spa treatments and natural skin care to keep it conditioned to health.

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