Go natural! Treat yourself to skin rejuvenation

It is very well known that time and age cannot be defied. But the modern world with its alarming increase in pollution, city life, and the fast food culture has aggravated the process of aging.

natural skin rejuvenation
In the recent past so many medical procedures and therapies have come up, all of which add an artificial layer to your otherwise deprived skin. Instead of feeding it with nutrition and health we try to hide the weaknesses of our skin. Of late it has been believed that the youthful radiance and health of the skin can be maintained for a long time only through natural ways. This is where the impact and importance of therapies like Ayurveda, acupressure, traditional massages, natural face packs and creams comes in. Microcurrent is a massaging system which is an age old tried and tested technique to rejuvenate your body and face!

Its 100% natural
Microcurrent is completely natural in that it is akin to the body’s own natural current produced when the body is repairing damaged tissue and which stimulates skin growth and rejuvenation of aging skin. Thus, in the absence of any externally applied chemicals, surgical procedures or introduction of foreign materials inside the skin, Microcurrent easily acts as an external stimulus to trigger off the body’s own physiological responses. It not only mimics the body’s own electrical current, but it also replenishes the supply of much required antioxidant for the damaged and aging skin. It increases the proteins and energy levels of the cells thus bringing about an automatic response of cell growth. It opens the cell access to various much required nutrients and facilitates for the removal of toxic wastes thus re-energizing the cells, toning the muscles and building new cells. Microcurrent enhances blood circulation and it gives a stimulus for the natural production of collagen and elastin.

Is Microcurrent a better option?
Definitely yes. Many celebrities, medical doctors and estheticians can vouch for that. It is FDA approved. It is not just better, but a safer alternative too. It is much safer when compared with other riskier and invasive procedures (read BOTOX or Plastic surgery). It is better than all those chemical anti-wrinkle treatments which claim to completely rid you of your wrinkles because these topical applications do not reach the inner layer of skin (where they are actually required!) as the topically used collagen and elastin molecules are too large to penetrate inside. The Microcurrent therapy facilitates the natural production of these within the cells.

A blissful experience
What I learned from personal experiences and innumerable stories told by friends and relatives a face lift is sometimes painful, sometimes makes you feel uneasy and downright inconvenient. So, when I first came to know about Microcurrent face lifting sessions which are actually without any of these, I was hooked. The entire session is a massage session with the treatment focusing on your neck and face and absolutely relaxing. The expert esthetician will make down the client lie down on a massage table and then perform a series of manipulations using special gloves which are attached to the NeurotriS machine to deliver the current to the skin. using her hands she contours and sculpts the face and simultaneously the Microcurrent delivers a stimulus working upwards from neck on one side of the face, up along the jaw line, across the cheekbones and then on the forehead. The therapy lasts for about 45 minutes and the most gratifying fact for you as a client is that you can see immediate results along with feeling totally refreshed.

Be persistent for best results
You can give up after one or two sessions or you can follow up the therapy with a few follow up sessions for reduction of even the fine lines, tighter and toned skin. In other words the more regular sessions you can take up, the more improvement you can see in your face as Microcurrent shows cumulative effects on the skin. Since, it’s nothing more than a facial it’s completely safe, healthy and affordable. The good news for you is that once the initial therapy sessions are over, you need to have a maintenance session once in every 1-3 months and later on booster sessions once every 4-6 months.

For one and all
Even though you remember about a face lift only when the process of aging sets in but Microcurrent is also a preventive therapy for young girls. The treatments are effective at any age. In women of ages 30-40 Microcurrent is a rejuvenating treatment aimed at reversing the process of aging. Once delivered the muscles hold the reeducation stimulus for months and this prevents the wrinkles and lines from recurring. The number of treatments required in this age group is relatively lower.

The most exciting news is that the treatments have been recommended for adult clients of all age groups. In younger clients, Microcurrent helps in preserving the youthful elements of a younger skin, delays the aging process and can completely eliminate the need for invasive treatments later in life.

Microcurrent facials are a good adjunct with the traditional fruit mad herbal massages. Microcurrent facials work well with other natural therapies as well. Microcurrent facials are not at all restrictive in nature and you can utilize lunch hour during office hours for a quick and extremely relaxing rejuvenation session.

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