Going for microcurrent acupuncture? A brief review

If you are a returning visitor to Aglowblogs, you must be well aware about the magic of microcurrent. If you are not, well this is a good place to start.
To give you a basic idea, microcurrent is an electric current in the millionth of ampere units and which can be applied on the human body through specific body points to stimulate a wide range of processes within the body naturally.

microcurrent acupuncture

Microcurrent Technology
Microcurrent is the world leader in non-invasive technologies to offer painless electro-acupuncture therapies. The microcurrent technology is based on the ability to apply specific frequencies, polarities and current grades to electrical energy to individual patients depending on his/her condition. The latest microcurrent acupuncture technology allows the user to use pre-set menus and hence easily select and administer electrical stimulations for effective treatment outcomes.

Microcurrent Devices
The microcurrent devices which are used in the microcurrent acupuncture treatments are designed to be used with great precision. They include probe electrodes which are suitable for the treatment at the acupuncture and trigger points along with pad electrodes. Mostly, the gentle microcurrent is delivered through hand held wands, probes or pads on the acupuncture points or meridian zones.

Microcurrent Acupuncture: How does it Work?
As you all already know, human body is made up of a complex network of tissues and cells which are very responsive to low grade of electrical stimulation. These electrical impulses or stimulations are the reason behind the internal body functions and internal communication between the different systems in the body. Any dysfunction whether it is an aging process or a chronic pain is due to the failure of certain aspect of this electrical impulse regulation which causes imbalance in the communication between the body and the mind. Hence, electrical stimulation of trigger points or acupuncture in the body restores this imbalance thus alleviating pain and other symptoms of abnormality.

It has been well studied and reported that the low frequency current involved in microcurrent acupuncture therapy works by balancing and healing the meridian system and chakras. As mentioned earlier as well, the human body is extremely sensitive to the low level stimulation via microcurrent. When the microcurrent therapy is being carried out on an individual, then the polarization of electrodes, the frequency of the pulses and the waveform of current; all produce a targeted effect in the body. When combined with the microcurrent stimulation passing through the concerned acupuncture point; the effects of targeted stimulation are enhanced.

Microcurrent Acupuncture: The Effects
Neuropeptide release: the neuropeptides in the body are studied to interconnect the brain, immune system organs, hormones and our emotions. The application of microcurrent and light frequencies on well-chosen acupuncture points has significant effect on the release of neuropeptides have significant effect on the release of neuropeptides.

Release the energy blockade: Energy blockade is considered to be the primary cause of pain, disease and abnormalities of spirit in Chinese medicine. In microcurrent acupuncture, the electrical stimulation is passed through acupuncture points (also referred to as electro-acupuncture) releases the energy blockade and also enhances the effect of needle therapies in acupuncture.

Release through microsystems: The stimulation of points on the ear corresponding to the dysfunctional body area also leaves a powerful effect in relieving pain and rectifies the disorders of organs, glands and nervous system. Microcurrent acupuncture is used through the microcurrent to create the desired effect.

Miscellaneous: The other benefits which are also related with microcurrent acupuncture are rapid relief from pain, rejuvenation of face and whole body, anti-aging effects, promoting weight loss when done in conjunction with dietary programs, paediatric treatment, and increased rate of rehabilitation following a life threatening disease and creating equilibrium in the psycho-neuro-endocrine system to treat psycho-emotional balances.

Benefits of Microcurrent Acupuncture
You can very well describe microcurrent acupuncture as acupuncture without the use of needles. Microcurrent acupuncture is a biotherapy in which acupuncture treatment in conducted effectively without the use of needles. The frequencies used are extremely low and the results produced are immediate and dramatic. The results obtained with microcurrent electro-acupuncture and therapies have been found to be consistent, safe and effective.

The treatment procedure is completely safe, without the use of any drugs or chemicals, devoid of any side effects and very easy to administer. When the microcurrent acupuncture is being carried out, the client may feel a distinct sensation in which mild electric pulses stimulate the targeted points.
The best part about microcurrent acupuncture is that the changes which occur in the tissues are long lasting nature. Hence, the benefits of the treatment are here to stay. Over a period of cumulative microcurrent acupuncture therapies, the results produced are long lasting in nature.

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