How Flowers Heal? Top 5 flowers that heal your skin and body

The sight of flowers in their full bloom and radiant colors is an invigorating sight. The aroma emanating from them, their lively colors and their vitality are all ingredients of a refreshing and relaxing experience. Throughout history flowers have also been known their healing prowess.

Rose oil Aromatherapy

Why flowers?
All the flowers have aromatic oils which imparts the strong aromatic smell to them. The essential oils obtained from flowers have healing properties. The healing effect of the essential oils from flowers lies in triggering the body to heal itself by initiating the normal biochemical and physical functioning of the body. Steam distilled essential oils are used professionally in aromatherapy. Appropriate fresh or dried flowers are collected for the extraction of the essential oil.

Essential oils are extracted from the flowers and they are known to possess many medicinal properties. The highly concentrated from of the oil obtained or extracted from the flower in the form of an infusion or decoction has all the medicinal properties and certain nutrients and vitamins as well. These oils are used for the treatment of a number of ailments, as aids to relaxation in massage techniques when applied topically.
Read further to know about the top 5 flowers used for massage.

Rose oil
Rose oil has been used in aromatherapy to promote relaxation. Research studies have proven that rose oil can reduce the rate of breathing, increase the amount of oxygen in the blood and reduce blood pressure as well. A massage with rose oil makes the clients more calm, more relaxed and less alert. It is also noted that rose extract, rose mineral water or rose oil shows wonderful results for your skin color. Olfactory absorption of rose essential oil reduces the signs of aging. Rose essential oil massages are beneficial to give excellent youthful skin. It also acts like a toner so that it can tighten the widely open pores which are present in skin aging. Rose essential oil has also a therapeutic effect on relieving depression and stress.

Jasmine oil
Jasmine oil has been proven in various research studies to bring about a significant increase in breathing, amount of oxygen in blood, and blood pressure. Owing to these reasons, Jasmine oil is successfully used in depression and for uplifting mood. Jasmine oil has also shown benefits in soothing hard muscles and in rejuvenation.

Chamomile oil
Chamomile oil has antioxidant properties and hence is considered good for skin. it also acts as antiseptic oil for your body and can be used as a remedy to cure boils, blisters or scars. It also proves beneficial in the treatment of headaches and muscle pain. Research studies have proven that Chamomile oil to be effective stress busters and provide relief from anxiety and fatigue. Its fruity scent is known to cause relaxation and sleep while its application on skin while massage relieves itchiness.

Lavender oil
Enriched with antimicrobial properties, lavender oil massage finds wide use in beauty therapies. It has been found to be a good stress buster inducing the client to enter into a deep slumber during the massage. Lavender oil also reduces the anxiety levels. Lavender oil is found to be effective as a stress buster and the massage with lavender oil produces calming effect. It has been studied to be very good for skin complexion and corrects acne and other related skin infections.

Neroli oil
The essential oils of Neroli have been used since ages. Neroli oil massage effectively enhances skin complexion and improves elasticity in aging skin. Neroli oil has been found to be very effective for stretch marks. Massage with Neroli oil also finds use and efficacy in relieving anxiety.

This list is not conclusive in nature, there are many more essential oils obtained from other flowers which find use in skin and body care.

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