Invasive or non-invasive facial rejuvenations. What’s your take?

Pain. Cost. Recovery time.”
These are the three most important and decisive factors when you are out there looking for an age defying face lift. If you have done your preliminary research looking for the perfect facelift or facial rejuvenation, then you must be aware there are two types of face lifts; invasive and non-invasive. Here is a brief insight into these face lift treatments to help you make an informed and wise decision.

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Invasive procedures
Invasive procedures are surgical interventions for face lift which can treat various conditions. The facelift surgeries are associated with high costs. The cost of the facelift surgeries are exclusive of the cost of anaesthesia, operating room facilities and other related expenditures. Hence, the overall cost of the invasive facelift procedure is quite high.

The invasive facelift procedures require an incision on the skin, bandage placed around the face which is intended to reduce the swelling and bruising occurring from the surgery. There are extensive protocols for caring for the surgical site. The surgical intervention is also associated with pain as well as discomfort.

The recovery time needed for the surgical facelifts may extend for several months. Added to this, lifelong sun protection is needed to rejuvenate your skin and to minimize the photo aging or the sun damage effects.

The surgical facelift is also associated with some risks such as scarring, bleeding, infection, poor healing of the wounds, hair loss at the incisions, facial asymmetry, persisting pain and irregularities of the skin contour.

Non-invasive procedures
Non-invasive facial rejuvenation techniques include procedures such as lasers, radio frequency, acoustic waves, light- based therapies, ultrasound and microcurrent. These procedures are mostly natural, you do not have to get an incision anywhere, there is no pain involved and you can get back to work right after the therapy. So, there are no recovery periods needed for the therapy.

Some of the non-invasive procedures which find acceptance in the scientific world and acclaimed experience in the real world are discussed here.

Ultrasound facials
Ultrasound facial focuses ultrasound waves on specific regions in the body to destroy fat cells without touching other tissues and organs of the body.
The ultrasonic machine is used to loosen up the dead skin cells in the first phase of the skin treatment. In the next phase of the session, the ultrasonic machine pulses water into the skin to flush out all the dirt and toxic waste in the skin. Steam is also used for this purpose. Lastly, a vitamin rich serum is applied to the skin and then ultrasonic facial machine is used to penetrate the serum deeply into the face.

The ultrasound waves penetrate the protective layers of the skin to effectively deep cleanse, hydrate, and promote the production of collagen protein. The ultrasound waves are also beneficial in killing bacteria and hence effective in alleviating the skin infections. There is no downtime for the results to be seen. The therapy is painless and the client is comfortably lying down during the entire treatment module.

Ultrasound facial gives remarkable benefits in reducing fine lines and wrinkles, protecting sun damaged skin, treating the acne, removing age spots, and rejuvenating mature skin. The results are remarkable, and an instant clearing and smoothing effect can be seen right after the first facial session itself.

Microcurrent face lifts
Microcurrent facelift is a non-surgical procedure which is popularly acclaimed as non-surgical anti-aging face lift. It is your best bet in non-invasive procedures to reduce the appearance of the fine lines and wrinkles of the skin and in also uplifting the dull, sagging skin. It involves the gentle stimulation of the skin with the help of electric current. During the delivery of the current, conductivity gels and serums are used on the skin to ensure deeper penetration of the mild current.

The microcurrent tones the facial muscles by re-educating the muscles, enhancing the blood circulation in the body, triggering the formation of the skin’s natural protein collagen and energy and also actively repairs the age damaged cells and leads to production of healthy cells.

The microcurrent facelift sessions are completely natural, painless, comfortable, relaxing and do not require any recovery periods. The results are long lasting. It is a perfect skin treatment to improve the muscle tone in neck and face, lift jowls and eyebrows, skin exfoliation, treat sun damaged skin, reduce wrinkles, diminish the fine lines and create a hydrates, supple and younger looking skin.

Laser therapy
This is another cost-effective therapy, non-invasive face lift procedure which produces immediate results. The skin care professionals use this therapy to help in the restoration of the elasticity of the skin. The therapy involves the application of an infrared source of light or laser to the face. The laser works by heating up the collagen beneath the skin eventually causing the skin to contract. This is the main factor leading to skin tightening effect in laser therapy.

The results can be seen immediately and there is no long recovery periods associated with this skin tightening treatment. The laser sessions are also comfortable and there is no pain or physical discomfort experienced by the client.

Herbal peels
A peel is applied to the skin and it removes the deep seated dead layers of the skin causing a firmer, healthier and glowing skin to emerge from within. The peels are a very convenient way of getting a facial rejuvenation. There is no pain, physical discomfiture of any sort during the procedure. The herbal peel is absolutely natural and is cost effective as well. The effect of the peel can be experienced after the first peel itself and there is no downtime or recovery time related with the herbal peel.

The herbal peel is made from completely natural ingredients and helps in getting rid of the imperfections in the epidermis of the skin such as acne, scars, blemishes or age spots and also acts to proactively protect the skin. Almost over a dozen herbs are employed in the herbal peels some of which are horsetail, spirulina, and calendula. Daily skin care regime, healthy lifestyle habits and regular use of sun protection are the perfect adjuncts to herbal peel for a long lasting effect.

Choosing a facelift is your personal choice, but before doing so you should consider your medical condition and weigh the pros and cons of the available treatments for you.


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  2. Thanks for sharing all of these different procedures and their benefits and disadvantages. I have been considering plastic surgery, but I really don’t want a doctor who isn’t good at their job. It would be great if I could find a website that had a list of reviews and complaints for different surgeons. I can’t put the future of my appearance in the hands of a surgeon who isn’t good at their job!

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