Know your Essential Oil – Basil

Basil plant is originated from Asia, now cultivated throughout USA and Europe. It is popularly known as holy Basil in India and used widely in Ayurvedic medicine.

basil essential oil Infographic

basil essential oil Infographic

  • Reduces pain due to arthritis, injuries, wounds, burns, bruises, headaches, scars, sprains, etc.
  • Taken internally increases food digestion, reduces constipation, and provide instant relief of bloating. It also improves blood circulation and increases metabolism.
  • Applied externally, the aroma opens sinuses and reduces the symptoms of cold, flu, and cough. It clears nasal passages and helps in reducing chest congestion
  • Antibacterial properties of Basil cures infections due to skin rashes, skin allergies, dry skin and acne.
  • The refreshing smell helps treating anxiety, mental fatigue, depression, and migrants.
  • Basil stimulates hair growth and make the scalp healthy. It is often used in shampoos and conditioners to give soft and silky hair.

Important Note
The essential oil information provided here is intended for educational purposes only and it shouldn’t be considered complete and is not guaranteed to be accurate. Always consult a qualified aromatherapy practitioner before using any essential oil and always buy from reputed supplier.

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