Know your Essential Oil – Bergamot

Bergamot is a plant that produces a citrus fruit. Oil taken from the Bergamot peel is used to make the essential oil. Bergamot is widely grown in California, Italy and Mediterranean countries.
Know your Essential Oil - Bergamot

  • Antibacterial property helps in reducing acne and blackheads on the face and clears the oily skin.
  • Antiseptic property helps in scalp treatment and makes the hair healthier and shinier. It also heals wounds by killing bacteria.
  • When applied externally the aroma of Bergamot reduces depression, anxiety, and nervousness.
  • When taken internally improves digestion and reduces blood sugar level. It also used in treating kidney infections, colon complaints, and bladder infections.

Important Note
The essential oil information provided here is intended for educational purposes only and it shouldn’t be considered complete and is not guaranteed to be accurate. Always consult a qualified aromatherapy practitioner before using any essential oil and always buy from reputed supplier.

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