Looking for weight loss? 5 simple non-invasive ways to get back in shape naturally

When I became tired of trying different diets and looking up the internet for various ways to reduce the hideous looking extra pound on me, a friend advised me to look for natural remedies to find a permanent solution for my problem.

5 non-invasive ways to get back in shape naturally

And here I am, telling all of you about those natural remedies which I found really helpful in burning extra fat and toning my body. All of these remedies are no-invasive in nature which means that you can shed the stubborn extra kilos without having to go under the knife!

1. Exercise: Physical activity is a must for a healthy body
One of the best ways to get rid of the fat in your body is exercising regularly. Researchers around the globe claim that working out helps in releasing a hormone known as irisin which brings about the conversion of white fat to healthy brown fat which uses up almost 20% of your body’s calories. It has been reported that exercising for about half an hour for at least 5 days in a week can burn the fat.

Even your doctor will vouch for a healthy diet and exercise as cornerstone for losing weight. The exercise which should include cardiovascular training walks, and swimming in conjunction with a balanced diet can do wonders for your body. Cutting down on the unhealthy, junk food, throwing away the television remote and getting out for a jog are few of the things which will go a long way in your attempts of losing extreme weight.

Not even this, it has also been noted that exercise plays a crucial role in removing fat when used with other non-invasive forms of treatments such as cavi lipo, Microcurrent or even cryolipolysis. Ayurveda also recommends controlling the food that you eat, avoiding the causes of weight gain and regular exercise to be keep your weight under control.

2. Eat all natural supplements and eat smart!
Some of the most commonly found natural supplements which are also popularly used are;
Chitosan sugar obtained from the hard and outer cover of the lobsters, crab, and shrimp. It helps inr educing weight by inhibiting the absorption of the fats and cholesterol.
Chromium mineral which increases the action of the insulin hormone, and is an important ingredient for the storage of carbohydrates, fats and proteins. The chromium supplements help in reduction of fat by reducing the appetite, increasing the amount of calories burnt, reducing the body fat and increasing the mass of the muscles.

Conjugated linoleic acid and glucomannan are two other naturally derived phytochemicals which help in losing weight.

Green tea is very popular in western world as an effective means for reducing weight. It is known to work by reducing the appetite and increasing the calorie fat and metabolism.

Other herbal supplements which have been used as weight loss treatments are Guar gum, Hoodia, Senna, ephedra and bitter orange. Guar gum is known to prevent the absorption of fats by binding them in the gut and helping in reducing the appetite. Hoodia is a plant which has been used as an appetite suppressant natural supplement.

Before you take any of these supplements consult your physician and be aware that these products are exempt from FDA regulation. You should always try to buy quality products to ensure that the ingredients mentioned on the label are actually present in the product. Always look for the information on the product and ingredient identity, strength, quality and purity of the natural supplemental products.

3. Cavi Lipo body treatment
Cavi lipo body treatment is a non-surgical method for reducing fat. Cavi Lipo is an FDA approved technique using the therapeutic massager to focus ultrasound waves to destroy fat cells without affecting the rest of the body cells and tissues. It is a weight loss procedure which utilizes high intensity ultrasound waves to result in the destruction of the fat cells without having any effect on the skin, nerves, blood vessels or lymphatics. It is an ideal method for fat reduction in both men and women who want to lose the extra amount of stubborn fat in their body or reduce their waistline.

The treatment involves application of the ultraviolet radiation to open up the fat cells in the target regions of the body and releases the contents stored in the fat cells into the lymphatic system. These cells are then metabolized as energy. Some of the most important body parts where this treatment proves to be most effective are calves, knees, thighs, buttocks, stomach, back, arms and chin. Apart from these place practitioners also use the treatment on the abdomen and flanks including love handles, lower back, back of the arms or fat on the breast. The treatment is for short duration, fast and results can be seen even after one single treatment session.

The fat which has been destroyed is eliminated from the body by its own completely natural process which is through the immune cells of the body.

4. Microcurrent body sculpting
Microcurrent is another natural and non-invasive procedure which activates the natural physiology of the body to bring about reduction in body fat. Microcurrent i.e. current in very small quantity is applied on the target areas of the body which brings about an enhancement in flushing out the toxins from the body and also enhances the uptake of essential nutrients. The application of Microcurrent also enhances the blood circulation in the body, tones the muscle by contracting them and relaxing them and hence helps in regaining the youthful body. Microcurrent therapy is a therapy in which with the application of current cellular energy is produced utilizing the stored fatty acids and free fatty acid in the body. The Microcurrent therapy brings instant results and can also bring about visual benefits in the cellulite deposits thereby removing the cellulite. Microcurrent therapy not only helps in burning the fat layer present beneath the skin but also breaks up the scarred tissue.

Microcurrent is beneficial in that you do not have to go actually go through the an exercise section but the muscle contractions and relaxation felt during the session are simulator of exercise condition and the high energy initial contractions use up the metabolic energy at an exceptionally fast rate moderate rate during the period of rest, This method of losing weight with maximizing energy used efficiently burns the fat selectively.

5. Cool sculpting
Cool sculpting involves freezing the extra fat cells in your body which are then removed as toxic waste from the body in some time. Termed as cryolipolysis, the method involves freezing the fat cells in trouble spots in your body. Due to the freezing the frozen and damaged fat cells are made to leave the body as toxic waste substance from the body. In a span of a few days or weeks this process of elimination of frozen and damaged fat cells takes place after the treatment. This treatment is a spot treatment and does not need to be done on the entire body. It helps in maintaining shape of the body keeping it firm and removes certain areas of the fat such as under arms, post pregnancy belly etc.

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